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The Lime Descaler is phenomenal!!! It’s so nice to clean with a product that works, yet smells so nice as well.
Now the body wash, we need to talk about it.
The minute I put it on my skin I fell in love - it feels so luxurious.
I purchased trial sizes & now I’m converted!
The service is also amazing

-Bec Uziel-

'All home products from pure body are exceptional but a special shout out has to be to the lime descaler. I have been trying to remove the lime build up on my glass shower door to no avail. Every chemical in my cupboard has been used, often with myself coming out feeling lightheaded with all the nasty ingredients. 15 minutes with pure body descaler, with no scrubbing just a water wash down, the glass is like brand new.'

-Michelle Juan-

'Just wanted to say love love love the lavender scented laundry liquid. I bought it at the Perth Upmarket and it lasted forever, smelt amazing and made my clothes soft and fresh smelling.
I am going to buy more products simply because i would be crazy if I didn't ... what's not to like about this great range of expertly crafted and made items. Cara is the nicest and friendliest person with all the right credentials for making amazing and safe products. Please don't ever stop making your products Cara because I don't think I could trust anybody else to deliver such an awesome range. Now I need to shop shop shop.'

-Sandy Carruthers-

 "I love the brand look/feel. I love her story, and most importantly I love the products. She is amazing and on a mission to get Aussies to make the switch to lowtox."

Amelia Xx


"I just wanted to quickly say a massive THANK YOU! For creating such great, friendly products at affordable prices and with great packaging! I have been trying to convince my partner for a long time that we should invest in some good quality, safe, friendly cleaning products. I eventually just bought a bundle when we became low on our chemical filled nasties. The Lime Descaler is the most amazing product, it has made my bathroom look brand new. It’s made cleaning a breeze and I will not be looking back. Your products are incredible. Kudos to you for being so fabulous!"

- Samantha Luke -

"I have been trying hard to swap out my cleaning products for healthier, safer alternatives. I think like most people I've found it quite confusing! You think you're buying safe or even organic and then when I really look into the list of ingredients they have hidden nasties in them. Ok, they might be just small amounts but is a small amount of nasties really ok? For me personally the answer is a big fat no! 

I recently came across Pure Home Body. I've found this range to be fantastic and the founder Cara Little, just as awesome. Not only are these products safe but they work! I also love how each product has so many uses so it helps declutter! 

For example, the multipurpose spray really is just that! I use it anywhere and everywhere in my kitchen (it is made with edible oils so completely food/baby/pet safe) but I also love using it with a good microfibre cloth to clean my glass and mirrors! Perfect for getting rid of those grubby fingerprints made by my two precious monkeys. 

I also love that there is a 1L refill available too. 👌"


"I just wanted to pop you a quick message to say THANK YOU for making amazing, good for me products that look great too. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to use natural/toxin free products before but if I am completely honest…I like things to look good and this influences my decisions a lot. It’s so awesome to try the home products (after already loving the body stuff) and see that they actually kick a$$ over the nasties I have been using up until now. A+ goes to the lime descaler…that stuff is magic! First thing ever to get the lime scale off my water dispenser on the fridge. Amazing. The Ajax spray is gone in our house now, the multipurpose spray wins there too.

Can’t wait to keep replacing the nasties in our family home with the PHB range - keep the products coming!!

Thanks again for being awesome."

- Kerrie Allen -

"I started to become aware of the chemicals in products once I had children. It had always crossed my mind as I coughed violently when cleaning the shower, but after having children, I knew I couldn't expose them to these harsh, dangerous chemicals, especially when my eldest has asthma. Pure Home Body's products ease my mind and are absolutely amazing! The lime descaler is a god send in my bathroom, you only need a small amount of the body wash for some great bubbles in the bath, the hand wash leaves your hands silky soft and doesn't cause eczema on my fingers around my rings like others, the room spray is heavenly. I could on and on. Seriously, what's not to love about these products!"

- elizabeth parker -

"I bought some of your Room Spray and Multipurpose Spray at your pop up in Joondalup..........OMGOODNESS!!! Amazing! Smells incredible and work way better than any dodgee chemical cleaner I've used. I'll be getting more soon!! Even as gifts. They are so amaze! And it's not often I get excited about cleaning products"


"Hi Cara

I purchased your products for the first time yesterday from Generics in Enex100.
I would just like to say thankyou for creating such amazing products!! I cleaned my bathroom with them last night and it was SO amazing not to have to worry about breathing with all the chemicals in the air. It actually smelt nice! I didn't have to open every window in the darn house to get rid of the smell for a change haha!
They did such a brilliant job and I would say worked even better than the chemical laden products.

I have just purchased the rest of your range online. Definitely a customer for life!"


"Did I ever tell you I am a bit of a keep it green kind of cleaner. Well I am and lately I have been playing with the thoroughly amazing, well researched and environmentally kind products from Pure Home Body
Let me say now This Is Not a Sponsored Post. I paid for my products for my own research and professional integrity. As an unbiased researched review I have to say these products are as good as I was hoping. Cara and I discussed all things stone benchtops and descaling and I am certain that if you have any stone, tiles or laminate as your benchtop and you want it to be clean and green... please try this before your next chemical full bench spray. 
Oh and (bonus) it looks very stylish on my bench."


"Love, love, love my Room Spritzer...one spray does the job so it's going to last us a long time"


"Absolutely love all the products!"


"I won your gift pack at the recent Bodyscape Yoga blindfold event. Just wanted to let you know your lime descaler is amazing!!! My two bathrooms had gunk buildup in the sinks ever since we moved in (previous owner was a bit dirty). I'd tried bleach, mould killer, gumption, dish washing detergent, elbow grease, and anything I could think of. Nothing helped.

I dolloped on your lime descaler and let it with for 15 minutes and it came up almost clear! Two more coats and my sinks are looking brand new. I found it also removed all the gunk built up on my glass shower door. It's looking pretty schmick now. So thank you for donating that hamper to the blind folded yoga class, its been incredible."


"Thanks Cara! I only got my first order last week and I already love the disinfectant and the room sprays! We have two elderly pets and they clean up mess well and leave the house smelling lovely!"


"Oh the Lime Descaler is so good!! Even my cleaner buys it after using mine, to use with her other clients houses."


"Hi Cara, Just wanted to give some feedback. Loving your beautiful products, the  hand wash is gorgeous and soft of hands and my daughter loves the  foam! Also the room spray definitely reminds me of a yoga class! Love it all. I actually have sensitive, psoriasis prone skin and my skin is loving the body wash too!"


"Hi Cara, I just wanted to write to you and tell you that I think your products are amazing! Since having my son 12 months ago, I have become really conscious of using unnecessary chemicals in our home. I also LOVE the sample of hand cream and have been sharing it around my mothers groups and it is a hit! The girls particularly like that it is fragrance free, and I just love how it transformed my dry skin in just one application! I think you are one talented lady and I love your philosophy 😊 I look forward to future products (who knew cleaning could be so simple and dare I say it, fun?). I am so glad I found PHB! All the best"


"I just wanted to let you know I am obsessed with your room spray. I literally go around spraying each room a couple of times a day (my husband thinks I've lost it). I got it in TPC goodie bag the other week and I love it! Will definitely be hitting you up soon for some products."


"If anyone out there loves having there room smell amazing for when people come to visit, I highly recommend the room spritzer. I'm just addicted to it, it makes everything smell amazing!"


"Damn Cara, that lime descaler is amazing, finally used it last night... Morley shower screens will never be the same. Can't wait to check out more of your products."


"I'm really enjoying this Pure Home Body multi purpose spray for my benches at the moment and I love that it doesn't leave a residue like my previous natural cleaner did. #notsponsored #justreallylikeit"


"Multipurpose spraying my way through Sunday. Picked up a full size spray and spritzer from Perth Upmarket - best selling cleaning products I've come across!"


"I rec'd a sample of this Lime Descaler on Sunday & used it today it's amazing it really works..!"


"I had only one load of washing to do when I returned home today, and with your detergent the house smells delicious, I look forward to sharing it with my mum!"


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