Pure Home Body believes in simple, clean and pure. We are wellness conscious and provide products that create a more conscious lifestyle in your home. We love to create a calming, soothing and nurturing home sanctuary.

We believe in style. Our products are interior design inspired, contemporary, clean and simple. Our approach to quality formulations and design reflects our love for stylish, good looking Australian made products.

We believe every child deserves a safe, healthy, happy and positive home. Our values of family, wellness, inspiration and style drive our cause to raise awareness on wellness within the home. We apply these values to everything we do.

Pure Home Body uses the best quality of essential oils. Our oils are sourced from Australia.

No.  Do you know how many chemicals make up a fragrance? We use only natural essential oils to fragrance our products.

Because our products are naturally derived and contain natural essential oils, there can sometimes be a variance in colour and smell. This is due to the natural nature of the product and is out of our control thanks to Mother Nature.

Even natural products have chemical names. We believe in open honesty, hence why we don’t have a back label, all our ingredients are on the front. We don’t believe in using broad descriptions like ‘anionic surfactant’, ‘almond based preservative’, ‘coconut emulsifier’ we give you the scientific name because our background is exactly that.

Yes. Our range is plant based and naturally derived.

No they do not contain Palm Oil.

We started manufacturing our products in the humble home. But being the Pharmacist I am quality and sterility was a concern for me. Our products are manufactured in a sterile laboratory and stored below 25 degrees Celsius to ensure sterility and long shelf life. All products are labelled with a batch number and can be traced if any issue arise.

Yes they can, although because of the natural nature of the product and vinegar it is advised you wipe the surface immediately after spraying. Don't leave it on the surface of your benches to sit as this may cause etching. Once a week we advise you clean your bench top with a microfibre cloth and mild detergent to remove hard to remove stains.

I do not use the word organic lightly! Do you know there is no governing over the use of the word ‘Organic’. I could put it on my product to make it sound better but I don’t out of respect for you.

We do not have any organic certification but we do use some ingredients that are organically certified in our formulations.

In Western Australia. We are 100% Australian owned and made.

This can happen at times and can be due to a couple of reasons. Changes in weather cause changes in pressure within the bottle. This can temporarily stop your trigger spray. Try giving the bottle a shake and then releasing the pressure by loosening the trigger spray. Try spray it again. If this fails, then remove the spray trigger and place the dip tube into a glass of water and spray to remove any build up in the tube and head. If this fails, how annoying for you!!! Flick us an email to info@purehomebody.com.au including your mailing address and we will gladly send you out a new one. 

Because I am practical. I used to package in glass bottles until one of my kids broke one while helping me clean. When I made the change to plastic I chose bottles that are 100% recyclable so can be popped into your recycle bin. We also offer 1 litre refills to encourage reuse of your bottles and reduce the use of plastic.

Are you referring to my kids? :) No we are totally cruelty free!

I am all about ‘KEEPING IT SIMPLE’. You do not need 100 products in your home, remember we are trying to detox it. So our Multipurpose Spray that is used on your benches and kitchen can be used a glass cleaner. Our Disinfectant Spray that is great for your bathrooms can be used on your sporting equipment, yoga mats and in your kid’s smelly shoes. Our Lime Descaler, great for your shower screens and taps can be used in your kettle to remove the scale build up. Our Room Spray is so divine it can be used as a clothes spritzer or perfume. Our Body Wash can be used as a Hand Wash and our Hand Wash can be used as a Body Wash.

We are constantly improving and growing with feedback. We change our products as we get more scientific knowledge regarding ingredients and essential oils. We limit our use of oils to the ones that have shown some scientific evidence in studies unless used in our room spray and body range which is purely for fragrant and cosmetic purposes.