About Cara


I’m the ‘not so average’ Pharmacist and Founder of @purehomebody and The Pure Lifestyle Co.  I have a holistic approach to life, motherhood, wellbeing and business. Well…….I’m trying to atleast.

I’m from Perth and have two incredible boys that keep me on my toes and drinking wine #lovemysb

Everything I do is driven by my passion to create a community of happier and healthier women, be it with my products, speaking or connecting through my blog or social media platforms.

I spend my days tending to my boys, running the Pure Lifestyle Co and helping women navigate their wellbeing with no BS #yasqueen

So if you like a little sass, a dash of smarts and a whole lotta #shedidwhat, I look forward to connecting with you.


A mum of two boys and a pharmacist with a drive for holistic medicine, Cara Little, started PURE.HOME.BODY from her home laundry, with the simple intention of providing truly healthy, truly low tox, home and body products for her family and friends. From there, it was that passion, together with the real necessity for health-friendly products has brought us here.

“We all want to make the best health choice for ourselves and our families, but so much of what is out there isn’t what it seems,” says Cara. “A product may be environmentally friendly and carry a sticker because of it, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s health friendly. They’re two different things a lot of the time.”

So, Cara put her expert knowledge in pharmacology to work in developing her PURE.HOME.BODY line of truly healthy products to tick five boxes:

  • simple
  • plant-based
  • health-friendly
  • cost-effective
  • that really work

“I was constantly seeing kids with eczema, asthma, allergies and other health problems, and it’s no coincidence. Many of the chemicals in everyday products are really abrasive and have listed side effects ranging from headaches, moodiness, allergies, hormone disruption, to even cancer. There’s no way I wanted any of it near my kids or my friends’ kids,” she says.

That said, Cara also knew she didn’t want to just join with the “green washing” and confusion already out there. What she was developing had to make low tox easy and part of a gradual process towards a generally healthier, chemical-free home.

So, Cara developed the PURE.HOME.BODY range to be (almost) as good at multi-tasking, as the group of mums who’d inspired her to make the products in the first place.

“This started as a personal project and I’ve always kept that inspiration strong in what we do at PURE.HOME.BODY,” says Cara. “We mums, we are famous for multi-tasking, so our products should be able to do that too!”.

“Seriously though, what we’re all about is swapping out everyday essentials with one or two simple products in our range that can do the whole lot. We don’t have a kitchen spray, a bathroom spray, a window spray and wood spray… We have one truly low tox multipurpose spray that will do it all and lasts around three months.”

Cara says it’s that original inspiration to create a better future for her two boys, their friends and all kids like them, that is still her major driver today.

“Our PURE.HOME.BODY vision is pretty simple,” she says. “It’s to teach, inspire and empower people to create a truly low tox home environment, which will allow us and our children to thrive. Once you get started, you won’t believe how simple it is.”