The pure.home.body Vision

Pharmacist formulated, plant based, non-toxic home and body care for the whole family.


Imagine a world where wellness was easy. 

Imagine a home that is calm, rejuvenating and relaxing. 

Now imagine this home was toxin free and allowed you to live harmoniously with the environment and nourished you. 

At Pure Home Body we have a vision to be the leading and trusted brand for home wellness. Our vision is to inspire and educate families to make better choices about what they bring into their home and use around their families because we believe health starts in the home.

Our range of home and body care are Pharmacist formulated, health inspired, non toxic and botanical based. At Pure Home Body we hope to encourage wellness through inspiration and style and join you on your own journey of discovery to 'living your well'.


I’m Cara, a mother of 2 active boys, a Pharmacist with a passion for holistic medicine and a dedicated 'home body'! I am fascinated with gut health, the power of our body to heal itself and a passion to help common, debilitating diseases including asthma, eczema, allergies, auto-immune diseases and digestive disorders.

As a Pharmacist I am aware of the chemicals used within everyday household and beauty products. Products that many use regularly and often have health complaints as a result. These chemicals have a list of side effects they can cause in our bodies ranging from headaches, moodiness, allergies, hormone disruption to cancer. Chemicals within your home place an additional burden on your bodies to break them down and to eliminate them. 

Not happy with the current 'eco-friendly' products on the market and realising that 'eco-friendly' did not necessarily mean 'health friendly', I then created PURE.HOME.BODY. It started as a range for myself but quickly grew to products my family and friends loved, to now being loved and supported by the community.

PURE.HOME.BODY is now on a mission!


Low Tox Life

PURE.HOME.BODY’s global vision is to give every child a safe, healthy and happy home and to assist your journey to home wellness and become that home body too. PURE.HOME.BODY aims to remove chemicals within the home and the community by providing concentrated, specifically formulated cleaning and body products that are plant-based and good for you.

The Giving Back Project

PURE.HOME.BODY drives a sense of community and gives back to our vision by supporting charities for children, empowering people and donating part proceeds of purchases to research into allergies and eczema.

Empowerment & education

PURE.HOME.BODY is a platform for educating, empowering and inspiring families to achieve their own wellness within their home and live more consciously. PHB aims to make wellness and living a ‘low-tox’ life easy by bringing you educated and researched information from the latest health care professionals, environmental sciences and natural therapies.