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We love to collaborate and believe in building good sustainable partnerships. If you would like PURE.HOME.BODY for your next event, instore training or exciting venture contact us for more information about how we can collaborate.

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Learn more about the range, get hands on feeling the products in your own home, make your own home and body products or learn about natural ways to empower your health and why toxins are affecting your health. We run inspirational workshops that are fun, light hearted, entertaining and interactive. Check the events pages for details and to book your tickets.  


Need a funny, inspiring and entertaining speaker for your event? Our Founder and Pharmacist CARA LITTLE can talk on any health topic and inspire people to make change. She loves talking about the amazing changes that are occurring in the wellness scene,  the latest in home health and wellness, detoxing your home and empowering people to take wellness into their own hands. 

For rates and to let Cara know about your next event fill out the contact form below.


Need help getting your business to the next level?

CARA also offers business advice and guidance on product based services, branding and growing your business.
It's not easy doing it all on your own and a little guidance can go a long way.

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