April 29, 2020


Here’s to hoping we can spend Mother’s Day with our loved ones. The chances in W.A. at least are looking good. But the next few weeks will determine that.

Can you believe that Mother’s day is just 10 days away and if you haven’t got an idea as to what you can get that special lady (or for yourself……let’s face it we probably will shop for our own gifts), here is a list of what Mum really wants based on a poll done through our Pure Home Body socials.

  1. A sleep in

Oh agreed! A little extra beauty sleep can never go astray honey.

  1. Breakfast in Bed

I for one, am not a breakfast in bed fan. I cannot handle crumbs in the sheets….or sand for that matter. A cup of tea is perfect for me. But for some, topping that beauty ‘sleep in’ with a little feast may be that perfect start to the #isomum Mother’s Day.

  1. Home Spa Facial treatment

Ok, mumma, I have you covered here. We are excited to introduce the luxury low tox beauty brand Edible Beauty into our beauty section of our store. I have chosen the top performing products that I absolutely love and are perfect for all skin types. Like this Sleep Beauty Purifying Mask. Make sure you mention Gift in the comments section so I can wrap it up perfectly for you and to throw in a little something extra.

  1. House Cleaned

I got you covered here guys. A low tox clean in fact is what she’s after. No chemical dousing and headaches for that mumma bear. Instead clean her palace with the range of Pure Home Body products. Leaving your humble abode clean, fresh and smelling sensational. And the perfect part, they are safe for the kids to use. Win! Win!

  1. Lunch out with the kids #isostyle

Ok lunch out might be difficult to do. But why not try it #isostyle. Order in some of Mum’s favourite Uber Eats, set the table in your best plate set and dress up. Make believe you are out at a fave restaurant. Just make sure there is plenty of bubblies to go with it. Alternatively, a picnic set up in the backyard may be your mumma bears type of thang.

  1. Lunch without the kids

Oh now we are talking. Go to Suggestion 3, except this time set the kids up with some afternoon activities after they’ve had their own lunch and enjoy the afternoon with your loved one. Cue Champagne pop!

  1. A long, uninterrupted nap

Ok I am not a nap type of gal unless I’m feeling unwell. I hate that groggy feeling afterwards. I’ve heard though, that if you have a power nap less than 20 minutes you wake up really refreshed. But let’s face it, if you aren’t having a decent nap is it really worth it :P. for some mummas this may be just what they need…..especially after a few champers at lunch

  1. Flowers

This was very popular on the poll. And guess what they are still business as usual I believe. Hint Hint!

  1. Hand Made presents

We may not be getting the usual handmade gifts this year from the kids as we remain in #isolife. So men, this means you either have to secretly get the crafts out without leaving any trace of glitter or glue and get your creative juices flowing. I’ve linked in some great idea that are simple and easy, including a cute little hand made bouquet of flowers.

  1. A day off all mummy duties

Yaaaaaassssssss! No cooking, no cleaning, no tending to the kids, no anything…the ultimate day off.

  1. A quiet night alone

Ummm hello, I don’t care how much Netflix binging you have been doing over the past month but I am still up for a quiet night with the remote, a glass of red and a bag of cherry ripes.

  1. Being told she is the best mum

‘R.E.S.P.E.C.T find out what it means to me’……..We all need it mumma bears. We work hard every damn day and a little appreciation wouldn’t go too far astray. Know from my heart to yours I appreciate you and think you’re amazing!

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