February 19, 2018


We can often become overwhelmed with the number of products in stores promising germ-free, sanitised and sweet-smelling homes; but is using 101 different products going to guarantee you and your family a healthy home? The average person spends almost 90% of their life in their home, so it’s important we look after the house we call home. 

Often the areas that can make our homes ‘unhealthy’ go missed and are only noticed when we see a sign of dirt, stain… or smell. I’ve listed a few of my top tips to ensure your home is a ‘healthy home’ safe for our little ones and a pleasant sanctuary for the whole family.

Avoid chemicals where possible! Simple changes in your home can make such a BIG difference to the air we breathe. My biggest no-no has to be fragranced air fresheners. Often made up of over 40 different chemicals and masking the smell rather than treating the source, these guys are bad news. 
Question the products you buy. Clever packaging can cover a multitude of sins! The antibacterial kitchen spray might say ‘suitable for the family’, but what does this mean? Question the ingredients before you spray away on the surface you will be cooking and preparing food from.
Be clutter free…..Or at least as clutter free as possible. Keeping things tidy can help keep things clean. There isn’t space for bugs to hide or dust to gather in a generally clean space that is easy to clean and wipe down frequently.
It’s not just the cleaning that makes a difference. A healthy home means healthy family, so it’s important we take note of the products we use on our bodies too. So much of our time is spent focusing on what put into our bodies and our diets, that we forget what we put on our bodies themselves. Hand soaps, body wash and creams hold some of the biggest criminals. Avoid products with ingredients you can’t pronounce or can’t easily find the origin of.
Healthy home, healthy body, healthy mind. It’s a holistic experience and in my opinion, one helps the next. Reduce the toxins in your home, and on your body, and your mind will reap the benefits!

I’d love your thoughts on how you keep your homes healthy. Perhaps it’s a great cleaning regime, or how one of our products helps you achieve zen at home. Comment below and let me know!

If you’re keen to read more of my top tips for a clean, healthy home, download my FREE home detox guide today and start your journey to a safer, healthier and happier home today! 

Love, Cara XX