March 20, 2018


Who here digs a good choccie?

Ummm silly question right!

You know what made me stop and think a little more about the chocolate we love eating, when I looked at the back of the packet.

Damn it!

Why do I do that! Sometimes I wish I was content with not knowing.

So I found out that the good ol’ packet of choccie biscuits, the ones that rhyme with jim jam are actually not chocolate at all. No wonder hubby’s allergies play up when he eats them.

Yes, that’s correct! Not one bit of proper chocolate. Just a mixture of chemical flavouring to make it irresistible.

So, in light of Easter I’m going to share with you my fave raw chocolate recipe that takes literally 10 minutes to make.

Here goes…You will need.


  •  1/2 cup cocoa butter
  • 1/2 cup virgin coconut oil
  • 1/2 cup (raw) organic cocoa powder
  • 1/4 – 1/2 cup agave syrup for sweetening (organic honey, stevia or raw cane sugar okay too; or you don’t have to use any sweetener at all)


You may struggle to find these ingredients in your average supermarket so head to your local health food store for some good quality ingredients.

You can jazz this recipe up and add some Juice Plus Vanilla shake powders for a choc vanilla explosion (to die for), goji berries, cocoa nibs, raisins (one of my faves), chopped nuts or seeds or you can sprinkle with a little salt before setting to get that salty bite when you tuck into them.

Recipe. Ok let’s do this!

First Step

Grate the cocoa butter. This allows it to melt easier. Measure out your 1/2 cup of coconut oil.

Second Step

Place cocoa butter and coconut oil in a small, heat-safe cup or bowl. Then place the cup or bowl in a shallow pan containing a small amount of warm (not boiling, but nearly) water. Stir the oil and butter occasionally until it’s melted and smooth.

Third Step

Measure out your cocoa powder.  Now’s also the time to add any other dry ingredients. Measure them out now also and stir them together with the cocoa powder. 

Fourth Step

Pour the dry ingredients in the bowl with melted oil and butter. Stir continuously until smooth.

Fifth Step

If you want to sweeten your chocolate, pour 4-6 tbsp agave nectar into the mix and stir.  If not, skip this step.

Sixth Step

Check to see if your chocolate is sweet enough. This is where I get the boys to test. You can also add the rest of the additions at this point – like chili/cayenne, dried fruit, nuts etc.

Seventh Step

Pour the melted chocolate on a pan / plate / ice cube tray. You can also throw some of the additions on top of the chocolate to give it that little extra jazz. Place the chocolate for 30 minutes in the freezer or 60 minutes in the refrigerator

Happy Easter!


Love Cara xx