April 28, 2020


LOW TOX VS NO TOX or is it really


Does the whole toxin free revolution drive you to confusion?

Well, let me shed a bit of light on this after recently being asked over why I call the PHB Lifestyle a 'Low Tox' lifestyle.

The simple fact is.......you cannot be toxin free. I don't care what that hippified greenie may tell you (and I've been there), it is impossible.


Well the air we breathe is a toxin. Yesssss, you heard me right. The air we breathe contains unavoidable contaminants that we inhale everyday. But this is out of our control.

Now if you decided to go live by yourself deep in the Amazon Forrest, lived off the land, drink fresh clean water from the mountains, used no lotions and potions, ate what you caught and foraged.....then we may be on the path to living toxin free.

Now, I live as low tox as a possibly can, within my limits and what is sustainable to my family with a key focus on the products I bring into the home and the food we consume.

However, I still go to a regular hairdresser and get my hair dyed. I still have a glass of alcohol (or two......ok maybe 3), a good dose of chocolate (the Doc prescribes it) and enjoy the splash of a perfume on the very special occasion (much to my husbands disgust, let's just say I love me some garlic and at times I may smell like one, he'd prefer I wore more).

So basically what I am saying is the 'toxin free' phenomenon doesn't exist. Even if you make your own products. At the end of the day you are still applying something additional to your body over nothing at all.

The lesson to take away this Wednesday is that we need to SIMPLIFY things. Less is best for anything in life. Less products, less stress, less over indulgence (except when it comes to chocolate).

Whatever you choose it needs to be sustainable for you, easy to achieve and fun. You can't get hung up on the small things and worry over what could be. Choose where you want to sit comfortably on the low tox spectrum and take slow steps to get there.

Once you start you'll find you will get better at it as time goes by and even making one change is better than none at all.

And remember, I'm here to help.