August 28, 2018


So it's Dad's Day this Sunday! Naaaaawwww how sweet. Now it's our turn ladies to give that special someone a little thanks. And so on the blog this week we have Scott Wescombe, Passionate Father, Husband and the CEO and Founder of Happy Physio and Best Body. 

See we've supported Happy Physio in the past few years because they're not your average physio. Like me, there vision is bigger, and their passion lies in not only seeing your body enjoying the feeling of pure movement but also a lifestyle of living to your fullest. 

Scott shares with us a special message for Dad's this week about stress. Think of this as a kind of little health gift for your man. Forward it on with a little smiley face......or one with a wink as to indicate what may come (cheeky I know).

Cue Scott's magic!


Stress is a common part of daily life for many people, especially Dads.

I remember feeling an internal shift when I first became a Dad, a sense of increased responsibility to take care of my family and provide the best future for them.

Priorities changed instantly, and time demands went to a whole new level. There was a lot of unknown, which made it a little scary at times.

It was stressful just thinking about where the money was going to come from for clothing, food, schooling, medical expenses etc.

Sound familiar…?

My stress levels hit a record high for me early on and my health deteriorated as a result.

The problem is, when we start to lose control, you’ll notice stress starts to creep in and one or more of the following happens:

·         Get stuck in our heads, distracted easily, and struggle to be present with our family

·         Our sleep starts to suffer as we can’t switch our mind off at night

·         Comfort food and alcohol intake both increase, weight gain happens

·         Exercise gets skipped as we feel like we don’t have the time or energy

·         Skin rashes may start to appear

·         We get a little impatient and snappy

·         Aches, pains, and niggles conveniently appear and hang around

The opportunity is, when you take back control, you’ll notice the following happen:

·         Have a clear head, inner peace, and the ability to fully engage with family

·         The capacity to switch off after work and have a full night’s sleep

·         Consuming healthy food and more water is easy, athletic body develops

·         Scheduled exercise happens, and it helps you be more productive

·         Healthy and glowing skin

·         Increased calmness and patience

·         A body that gives you energy, confidence, and strength

Now the 5 key things to taking back control and moving towards your best are:

1.      Put your own mask on first, before trying to help others. Choose specific times in the week where it is your non-negotiable time to exercise. A healthy mind starts with a healthy body.

2.      Start and end your day with gratitude. As soon as you wake up and right before bed think about 3 magic memories, the best 3 best parts of your day, or 3 things that you are grateful for. We can’t be stressed and grateful at the same time.

3.      Fuel your brain and body. Move towards consuming more natural foods and fluid. It makes it easy for us to think better, feel good, and do more.

4.      Move more. Movement to your body is like the sun to solar panels – it provides you with more energy. The fastest way to reduce stress is to move your body – and then shift your focus.

5.      Get a coach. They’re not just for elite athletes. The support, accountability and guidance can be life changing. I’ve always had coaches for different aspects of life and business. The first coach you need is one who will physically take you out of your comfort zone and has the capacity to help you navigate messy real-life challenges.

Now it’s great knowing what to do.

But the benefits come from the execution of those 5 things.

Take 10 minutes now to plan and prepare so you can become the healthiest Dad you can be, and enjoy more magic moments with the people you care about the most.

Lastly, if you ever feel stuck, reach out for help. There is always a way to move forwards.


About Scott
CEO and Founder of Happy Physio / Best Body
BSc Physio (1st Class Hons), BSc Exercise & Sports Science, Les Mills Body Trainer, Strategic Intervention Coach, Clinical Pilates Practitioner, AIF Master Trainer
Scott (husband and father) completed his physiotherapy degree at Curtin University (School of Physiotherapy) with First-Class Honours. With an extensive history of treating and rehabilitating sports injuries, Scott continues to enjoy working in Sports & Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. Working in the Health & Fitness industry for over a decade, Scott has helped thousands of people in Perth maximize their health and achieve their performance goals.
BSc Physio (1st Class Hons), BSc Exercise & Sports Science, Les Mills Body Trainer, Strategic Intervention Coach, Clinical Pilates Practitioner, AIF Master Trainer