July 03, 2018

healthy home hacks

For many of us the house cleaning is something we don’t want to do, but kind of have to. Arrrrgggh!

We postpone it as long as we can, and then we rush through it quickly, using harsh detergents and whatever else will help us finish the dreaded task faster. But this is a very false philosophy because cleaning our homes and providing proper hygiene is not only important to the state of the home, but also to our own health.

So here are some interesting cleaning facts and hacks which may sparkle your interest in the green lifestyle: 

Common Toxins in Cleaning Products

There are many laboratories and organisations all over the world (like The Environmental Working Group) that examine the safety of ingredients used in common household cleaning products. Most of their conclusions are grim at the least – more than half of the products found on the market contain at least one ingredient, which can be harmful to our skin or respiratory system. Here are some of the most dangerous chemicals you should avoid at all cost: 

•    1,4-Dioxane – a suspected carcinogen, found in many common multipurpose detergents.
•    Chlorine Bleach – the fumes contain chlorine and chloroform, both of which are linked to all kinds of neurological and respiratory issues, as well as cancer. Bleach is also highly reactive and produces dangerous gasses when mixed with acids. 
•    Formaldehyde – known carcinogen, used commonly as a preservative. 
•    Ammonia – a skin and respiratory irritant.
•    Quats (Quaternary Ammonium Compounds) – found in fabric softeners and spray cleaners, known asthma triggers. 
•    Fragrance – the nice smell of the commercial detergents is achieved by mixing various chemical compounds, which can trigger asthma and allergies. 

Importance of Less-Toxic Cleaning

Most of the benefits of non-toxic cleaning can’t be noticed right away, but there are many in the long run. Not only will your home and environment become healthier, because you no longer expose yourself to these toxic chemicals nor dispose of them,it helps keep the environment around your home purer and lowers your carbon footprint. The air quality inside your home also increases without all the dangerous fumes. And you save money, because the non-toxic alternatives are basically things you already have in your home or are alternatives that last you longer like the Pure Home Body range.

Safe Green Cleaning Substitutes

Besides getting you hands on some Pure Home Body goodness, here’s a short list of the common household ingredients, which can be used (both alone and in combination) as efficient and environmentally safe cleaning products. 

•    Baking soda – except for baking delicious goods, it can also be used to clean surfaces, remove stains from fabrics and remove smells. It’s also a good mild abrasive. 
•    White vinegar – You can use white distilled vinegar to remove odours too, as well as to remove stains, mildew and grease stains. 
•    Lemon juice – it’s one of the strongest acids we use for food, and it’s a very effective disinfectant that kills most household bacteria. It also has strong bleaching abilities. 
    Olive oil – small amounts are used in most homemade wood polishers, it will make your furniture shine like new. 
•    Cornstarch – it’s also an abrasive, a slightly stronger one than baking soda. You can use it to clean windows, kitchen surfaces, remove old stains and buildup. Some people also put it in homemade carpet shampoos. 
•    Hydrogen peroxide – it’s a wound disinfectant but can also be used to disinfect kitchens and bathrooms. It has a gentle bleaching effect, so you can use it to remove stains from fabrics and tile grout. This one can cause irritations, so be careful when using. 
•    Alcohol –vodka is the safest form of alcohol you can use for cleaning, it’s strong and efficient, and way safer than rubbing alcohol. 

So why not give green cleaning a try? Go on! It isn't as hard as you think. 
Stay tuned for next weeks blog on some great cleaning recipes using the above ingredients.




Author Bio: Jane Wilson is a mom, a blogger and the social and marketing manager of Fantastic Cleaners Melbourne – a licensed cleaning contractor, which specialises in all kinds of cleaning services for homes and businesses. They also provide green, natural and healthy cleaning, executed using biodegradable and plant-based detergents. 


(Photo by The Creative Exchange on Unsplash)