June 07, 2018

chicken and veg soup for winter

You asked for it………..and finally I am delivering. Finally!!! 

Thanks for being super patient and for those who have been on me about popping this up, I dedicate this recipe to your love and support.

This recipe is my wholesome go to for the family during winter. I call it the Goodness Packed Chicken and Vegetable Soup. It is a light, vege packed fusion style recipe (don’t go yuck just yet) where I have combined Asian herbs, spices, garnishes in a Mediterranean style soup.

Elements of the soup are optional and replaceable by alternative ingredients to suit the fussiest of eaters. All I ask is please, where possible, use organic vegetables and fresh herbs and spices. 

This recipe works fine without all the fanciness so if your kids are going to turn up their nose to it then strip away all the options and have the base soup with some pastini or spiral pasta thrown in it and top it with grated cheese. 



2 tbs Coconut Oil
1 x leek chopped finely
2 x stalks celery diced
1 x Carrot diced
1 x zucchini diced
2 x garlic crushed
1cm cube of ginger left as a cube and removed once cooking has finished. (optional)
1cm cube of turmeric grated (optional but is pretty tasteless in this recipe and can be hidden, it just turns the soup a little yellow)
3 tsp x Vege Stock Concentrate (Thermomix Recipe) 
2 litres of water (if using vege stock concentrate) or vegetable stock
2 chicken thighs
2 x potato peeled
½ Savoy Cabbage finely shredded (optional)
Fresh or frozen spinach (optional)
Bunch of Basil (optional)
Bunch of Corriander (optional)
Bean Sprouts (optional)
Fired Shallots (optional)
10 cherry tomatoes cut in half
Chilli (optional)
Rice Noodles/ Vermicelli/gluten free pastini, spirals


chicken soup for winter


1. Pour a nice glass of vino and crank your greatest hits. To get me in the mood I like to pop on some old school Jimmy Barnes, INXS or Cold Play.  

2. Now you are ready to start. Heat coconut oil over medium heat and brown chicken. Once browned remove from the pan. 

3. Add leek, carrot, celery, zucchini and garlic, turmeric and ginger and sautee off until vegetables are soft. 

Chicken and veg soup

4. Return chicken, add stock and water. Bring to the boil for 15 minutes. Reduce heat and simmer for 30 minutes. 

5. Add potatoes (and pasta if you are having it) and cook for another 10-15 minutes until the potato is soft. If you don’t wish to add anything else the soup can be served with some grated parmesan and pepper on top.

6. Pour boiling water over the rice/vermicelli noodles leave for 3 minutes. Once soft and ready drain, rinse with cold water and place aside. I like to cut it up with some chicken scissors because it tends to come in long strands, if you have overcooked it it will break up easily. I’m speaking from experience.  

7. Add savoy cabbage, spinach and shredded basil to the soup and stir through. Turn the heat off. 

8. To serve place a small portion of noodles in the base of a soup bowl, scoop over the vege soup. Garnish with bean sprouts, fired shallots and coriander. 

9. Remove cubed ginger (although this can be eaten but can catch someone by surprise who isn’t expecting it in their soup).

10. Season with salt and pepper.

Bon Appetite!
C xx