March 20, 2018


Stone is a popular choice in our homes, whether that be on bench tops, flooring or feature tiles. It’s a hard-wearing material so an excellent choice for style and longevity – but…it has a reputation as very hard to keep clean and sanitary.

Every stone is different, so it’s important to know what type of stone you can look after well. If you’re unsure, always test your product on a small, discrete spot before applying to the entire surface. Natural stone can be easily discoloured, so this is an important step to do.

Here at PHB, we have designed our range to remove the need for excess products and so our two key surface cleaning products are safe to use on your stone surfaces. Check out our multi-purpose spray and disinfectant spray for your cold hard stone cleaning needs.  Just remember, that as our products are plant-based and natural, it is important to wipe away the product with a damp cloth immediately after spraying it on your stone tops.

Keep in mind these tips when cleaning your home to keep your stone tops squeaky clean:

•   Check your cleaning product on a test spot before applying to the whole surface.

•   Don’t use acidic cleaners as they can react with minerals in the stone.

•   If you surface has become scratched, reseal the surface before cleaning to avoid damage.

•   Use a small amount of cleaner – our products don’t need to be used excessively. A small drop or spray will have the same cleaning effect.

•   Dust stone floors or surfaces frequently (daily is recommended) to ensure a build-up of dust is avoided.

•   Protect your counter tops to avoid stains and marks – coasters and heat mats are your friends!

•   Scratches can occur from other items, like china so use mats for these too.

Cleaning your home in a low-tox way doesn’t need to be difficult. Stone is probably as tricky as things get. Despite its hard appearance, stone is delicate in nature, but our products are safe to apply… as long as you follow these simple steps.

1)   Shake, spray and wipe to ensure the ingredients are evenly dispersed on to your surface.

2)   Use a clean, microfibre cloth. A previously used dirty cloth... (or worse a dirty dish cloth) will damage your surface and will leave the last cleans residue behind.

3)   Make a mess and clean it up. If you spill on to your stone surface, blot and wipe away the excess straight away. Leaving or delaying wiping will mean one thing – stains.

Pure Home Body products have been tried and tested, by me, our thousands of consumers and by the experts. They are tested on engineered stone and stone surfaces, leaving our product on for long periods of time to assess for any damage. You guessed it – no damage, just perfectly clean low-tox surfaces.

Better still, our Home Bundle can be purchased for $60 including Natural Multipurpose Cleaning Spray, Natural Disinfectant Cleaning Spray and our hard-hitting soap scum removing Lime Descaler.  

Happy shopping!

Much love, Cara XO