March 07, 2020


Hello PHB lovers,
(Warning: Long Blog)

I'd hate to open this blog with the same old cliché line of ‘it’s been a while’.

Yes, it has indeed. But I’m over the typical thing you would expect to hear from me.

If you didn’t notice, I usually close Pure Home Body with an end of year sign off email………I didn’t do that.

I usually have a boxing day sale…….I didn’t do that

I generally have a ‘New Year New You’ type campaign as we hit January and a welcome back email……buuuuuttttt, I didn’t do those either.

Instead, what you got was radio silence until March.


Well I didn’t feel genuine and it would have been forced.

See sometimes amongst all the business ‘whooha’, it sometimes becomes a little fake. With the ‘hey check this out’ and the ‘get on board with this campaign’.

I was tired of it. And personally I felt like me putting something out would be not a true representation of me rather a more of a 'have to do' thing.

I also needed to find clarity. And yes, this isn’t the first time I’ve written about ‘clarity’. In an ever changing, dynamic and face paced online world, I find it hard to know what direction to take. And clarity eludes me quite often.

What starts as a great plan can soon unfold into a disaster, a money pit or, be a great plan only to create no results.

Have you been there?

Life is a little the same. How many times have we attempted to implement a new strategy either at home or with work colleagues to have it fizzle out like oneself after a night out on the town with open promises to hubby to be the freakiest wife at home. Only to roll over and fake sleep as he taps you on the shoulder.

Don’t lie, you know what I’m talking about. We’ve all been there.

So, clarity.

Well over the past few months I believe I have become the most authentic and true version of myself that I have ever been in my entire life.

Have I done any personal development…..no. But I have done my fair share of it let's put that out there.

Have I decided to actually acknowledge my heart, yes.

And I have to admit it has been the most liberating thing that has every happened to me.

I’m OK with loving what I love and being completely open with it.

I’m OK with being me. Mind you I’ve been OK with being me for a while now. But being ME in business……well not so much.

I’ve always thought I’ve got to stick to a business model, infusing yourself in your business just isn’t OK, it's not kosher. But after being acquired by the gorgeous Emma Williams of Socially Em as an MC I have a completely different take on how business can work with you being yourself.

MC'ing the past couple of events for Em has seen me have some enlightenment.


Yep the heavens opened, the light shone done and……..no wait, that’s my child opening the blinds at 5AM IN THE MORNING!!!

Well you get the gist, I had a moment. And after stalking this incredible group of women who Em has had on and still have lined up for Sydney and Melbourne, I realized my business was so far from me. It wasn’t truly what I set out to achieve. 

So rather than feed you marketing campaign and generic S#!t I laid low and waited until I had……..clarity.

I mentioned in the Clean Club (if you’re not a member here ya go ‘click to be member here’) I was going to change things up, write more, connect more, and just….be more. And I believe working as the MC for the #sipsandsocialstour has been a blessing in disguise.

I realized it’s OK to fuse yourself into your business (after all you are your brand and damn it I already knew that!). Its OK to vent your worries and concerns even if its on your business page (obviously within reason). It’s OK to be out there, different, non conventional.

See, I cop flack from the science based world and the alternative. I don’t sit in either. I just put my research out there and be me. And up until these events I wasn’t OK with that. Feared for being judged by both worlds, trying to desperately fit in both.  

I’ve realized I am neither. And that trying to fit in to both was not me being true. So I would never show my 'fusion chic'.

I love my science but I also love the compassion and human aspect alternative practices bring. And I truly believe if we fuse the two we will have the perfect approach to wellness.

So on that note, Pure Home Body is evolving.

I am introducing new products to store. Not ones I’m making but backing the brands that are home grown and used by myself and my family. They pass the test to acquire my family's low tox love.

Yes there are other platforms out there doing it, but I’m not them and they aren’t me. I don’t want to be them and I’m sure they don’t want to be me too.

I started Pure Home Body as a platform to educate, to inform and support. To bring together a common interest and spike conversation. It wasn’t to sell you a product…..although that does put food on my table.

I just want to connect with people who are just like me.

And if this weekend hasn’t taught me one thing, with International Women’s Day upon us, is that collectively we can achieve. We can lift, we can change a life.

And that’s when I realised my true 'Why'? It's been there all along as an underlying current to everything in my life. 

If I can change someones life just that tiny millimeter for the better then I am happy.

That’s 'why' I do what I do.

That’s 'why' I created my products.

That’s 'why' I decided to take a chance in media.

That’s 'why' I MC.

That’s 'why' I volunteer for my children’s P&C.

That’s 'why' I chose to step more into my husband’s business.

That’s 'why' I genuinely connect with people

That’s 'why' I offer to help

That’s exactly my why. And it fills my cup beyond my business. It's at the core of who I am as a human being. 

Over the past few weeks, and soon to be as I hit Sydney and beyond, I have been grateful for those I met, I am grateful for my opportunities and I am grateful for my life.

And in spite of all scary stuff that is surrounding us in the world and in the sadness of domestic violence that we have seen on the news and suicide that has rocked my close neighbourhood, I want you to know I am here, I want to make a difference and I want to help.  

So going forward, you will see me supporting more homegrown brands to help bring back money into the country and supporting those also trying to make a difference for their own lives. You will see the me on the PHB blog writing more about living low tox, business, life, motherhood and anything I feel may be worthy to you. You’ll see me sharing and supporting incredible women who support me, inspire me and are incredible in their own right. Incredible because they are going through a tough time yet still rock up, incredible for being a huge support to me, incredible for battling the most awful of diseases yet still giving it their all, incredible for just being their amazing god damn self!

Pure Home Body will become a celebration of all things that connect us…….with a dash of sass. It will further develop in its warm culture to be a lifestyle brand with a difference.

I’ve always struggled to explain PHB to my husband, I have always said to him ‘It’s beyond the product, its bigger than that’. And he naturally……doesn’t get it. Not his fault. He hasn’t yet seen the change that can be created with a person and a community.

I’ve got people to thank because these people give me the 'ah-ha' moments throughout my life.

To Donna who stopped me in the car park and reminded me ‘they are only young once’ as I had a little 'moment' at my kids (in a public polite way). Donna is a massive PHB fan who came up to me in the shops and had so much love for my products and what I do.

To Debra, we met on a 3-day mum retreat and I feel like I’ve been friends with you forever. You support me in ways I can't even begin to that you for.

To my maid of honour, partner in crime and absolute crazy dance teacher, Louise Gag……joking Frisina. You are one of the biggest rocks in my life, a person who no matter what poop is going on in life, is still positive and super supportive. You're always in my corner, even today as I'm freaking out about the plane ride. 

It's through these people that I have those little reminders to keep going and that you are making a difference. And they are the true essence and champions of the Pure Home Body Lifestyle.   

To all the incredible women I met this weekend and over the past few years in business, daaaaaaannnnnnngggg you are some inspiring and wonderful women who I am truly honoured to have met. 

To the ladies on the panels, Iris from @irisjade and @thequickflick, Kyree @misskyreeloves, Ashleigh from @ashleighjade05, Eve from @babynoise_ Sasha from @beauhudson, Revie from @Reviejane, Brittany from @thebrittanynoonan, Adele from @real_mumma, Jess from @jessiikawilson, Jen from @happyhairbrush, you are wonderful, genuine and beautiful souls and it has been a pleasure sharing the stage with you. 

As I close this memoir, letter, whatchamacallit, I feel truly enlightened and content. A feeling that sometimes we forget to think about in the journey of life, family and business. It's a powerful place to be.  

So as I sign off, all I ask is that you help me create the best lifestyle brand with a difference as I change course a little. Pure Home Body is still Pure Home Body just with more substance and soul. 

Be You!

Caz xx