June 12, 2018

keep your kids healthy this winter

The dreaded lurgy, the sniffles, the days off school. We all want our kids to stay healthy over winter and see through the colder months with ease. So what can be done to help get them winter ready?

Tip 1. Good hand hygiene.
Washing hands before meals and straight after school is the best form of protection from picking up pesky germs.

Tip 2. Take your shoes off when coming home. 
Not such a hard task with all this wet weather but removing their shoes can help reduce not only the toxins they may have picked up at school but also the germs.

Tip 3. Encourage nose blowing regularly. 
Sniffling generally is their bodies reaction to help flush out those pesky germs, aid the body rather than have their nose filled to the brim and encourage them to blow their nose regularly.  

Tip 4. Pack their meals with good pre and pro-biotic food. 
Giving your child a good probiotic is one thing but ensuring you are nurturing the good bacteria in their gut is even more important. Hearty slow cooked meals with prebiotic foods like onions, garlic and herbs like fenugreek, basil and rosemary. Good grass fed meat rich in collagen like shanks is also great for health bone growth.

Tip 5. Limit sugar intake. 
Those germs love it so keep it at a minimum. If sugar is what they are seeking a good piece of fruit will do the trick.

Tip 6. Stick to a good bedtime routine. 
Sleep is essential to keep the body in check and help fight any germs, that’s why our body tells us to rest when we are unwell.

Tip 7. Vitamin D it up. 
Although it can be hard to get outside during those wetter months, encouraging your kids to get some sunlight when it is out is important to help boost and keep their Vitamin D levels in check.

Tip 8. Have tea parties. 
Not caffeine tea, herbal tea. A good honey, ginger and lemon tea is fabulously packed with a good dose of vitamin C and powerful immune boosting agents.