The women behind PURE.HOME.BODY

The famous saying "it takes a community to raise a child' also applies to business but rather 'it takes a tribe to make a business'. As part of the month of May I look to celebrate women and with that the beautiful women in my life that have helped create the platform for Pure Home Body. As I mentioned in my earlier blog The Reality of Running a Business-A Mother's Honest Perspective  it 'cannot be done on your own especially as a mother'. You require a tribe of like minded, crazy, creative and amazing, and in this case, women that help to make your dreams a reality. This month with the rebrand in lieu, we aim to showcase the woman of Perth and the world and how they have inspired and help create the global vision of Pure Home Body.

The month of May is special to me, it's the month we will launch our rebrand, it's the month I celebrate my birthday (yes I am a Gemini I know I'm nuts) and it's the month of Mothers. But I don't like to keep it just as mothers, because some women who have become part of the family of Pure Home Body are not necessarily mothers, they are women of all walks yet still amaze me with their amazing inspiration, ability and creativity. So I look at May as the month to celebrate the 'Divine Feminine' as R.E.N.Z Pilates would put it. So I have come to look at May as the month of the feminine bond, strength and the power that is created when you combine a tribe of like minded people to create a Purpose that is delivered with Passion.

Pure Home Body has grown in itself since it's inception 5 years ago. What started as a home remedy, became a friend and family sensation. Until one day, a very close and inspiring friend of mine said 'you should bottle this, it has a purpose and it needs to become part of every household'. So now Pure Home Body has a global vision. We believe every child deserves a safe, positive and healthy home. We wish to empower families to create their own wellness within their home by making conscious decisions based on the needs of their family. We want to inspire, unite and make people realise that wellness is obtainable and their given right. The body has the innate ability to heal itself.

Along the way, since our launch last year in August, I have had a number of women help bring P.H.B to where it is today. My first ever business meeting with an outside mentor saw Pure Home Body move in leaps and bounds. I learnt all about social media and how Pure Home Body would best be placed in the market. This business advice moved Pure Home Body to the next level and I highly recommend you seek outside advice on your business before taking the leap to grow.

My very first stockist was Lisa Hurley from The Ladybird Market. Lisa, a beautiful mother of a baby girl with a FIFO husband, kindly and enthusiastically accepted P.H.B under her wings. Her passion for local, handmade business and her desire to provide a platform for Perth female artisans to showcase their creations was amazing. It is sad to say that The Ladybird Market will end at the end of May but it's intention as a 'pop-up' stall means it must move on (so get down there and show her some love). I am forever grateful to Lisa for her enthusiasm and love that she has shared for Pure Home Body.

From my first experience with Kerrie Allen from Design Umbrella, I knew we were on the same wavelength. Her style, creative essence and down to earth nature is what drew me to this gorgeous gurrrl! She's sassy, has the same ghetto talk as me and is good at her game. She takes direction well and is almost too giving with her time (it just shows her passion). She recreated P.H.B. and has helped me learn about strategising and branding. I was drawn to Kerrie because of her experience with interior design and branding. This suited P.H.B. well as it was a home product that needed revamping. She is still on board with the team and will be for many years to come.

Then there is Michelle from Media Freedom, my creative, card savy guru. She comes on board to help create P.H.B.'s cards, love letters and limited edition items. She is one cool cat, and a super laugh. She is an email away for me and always eager to be onboard to help create someones dreams.

Behind every woman is a tribe of successful women who have her back

Label Magic Sandy Bullied opened my eyes to the world of labelling! In actual fact, it's not just about the label! Not only is she super generous with her knowledge I can see her passion and understanding for businesses. I came to her after doing the exercise of overseas labels, eastern states labels or just plain good old local. Sandy trumped them all! I knew as a business I wanted to be able to get on the phone or walk into my label maker and discuss anything about P.H.B.. I first met Sandy when I was seated across from her at The Perth Collective Long Table event in November last year. We got talking abut my rebrand and she brought up so many points I had not yet considered. I knew I had to see her. And the rest is history.

Then there is the support I receive at home. These are the women that push me and keep me on the straight and narrow. My family of course, my gorgeous, loving and silly mum, my Sicilian, strong headed (please don't kill me) and old school mother-in-law provide a huge support for both myself and the kids when my husband can't. And then there are my girls. My wonderful, amazing, inspiring, soul drenching girls! The girls I met at school, they know who they are, are always supportive. Although we are all busy with our day to day crazies I can text for advice, support or a general pick me up. They are always there, well for some almost 27 years, I know that no matter how busy I am, or how bad I may be as a friend for catching up they are always there and for that, I am forever grateful.

To my Mother's Group, the one you get given after you have your first child. The time when you are most vulnerable, and your emotions are raw. I have 3 ladies who still to this day, even after my second son, I endeavour to catch up with. These girls know 'the me' when I was at my sleep deprived craziest. They are women who empower me, the ones who told me to 'bottle it' and the ones who drive the global vision of Pure Home Body. Ultimately we all, like all mums, dads, families, want the same for our children, a safe positive and healthy home. And if it wasn't for their support through the early days I would have struggled more than I did.

So May is a very empowering month for Pure Home Body as you can tell from my love for the above. This month is all about the female bond and what we can do to nurture it. How can we reconnect? How can we let them know we are there?

I wrote this blog after I had to cancel on a very close friend, who is a mother of 3 babies under 4 who had organised a pamper night for her lady friends. I felt degenerate, unreliable and like I had let her down. But after I had messaged her, she responded with a genuine concern for how busy I was and what she could do to help. This is when I realised the power of friendship and the love you feel when someone is backing you no matter what.

I have realised it's as simple as saying 'I am here'. The vision lives on due to the tribe.

So for the month of May maybe ponder on what 'divine feminine' you wish to be thankful for.

Wishing you wellness with a heart of gratitude!