Pure Home Body's first store stockist! Meet the Ladybird Market

Stockists play a massive role in Pure Home Body's success! So when Lisa at The Ladybird Market said she would gladly support our brand and stock our products in her store we were so honoured, not just to be part of this gorgeous pop-up stall but to also be placed amongst her other sourced and local female artisans. Pure Home Body has grown immensely since being part of her store so we see it fitting that we should show our gratitude by sharing a little bit about this beautiful mumma and girl boss.

Who is the girl boss behind the brand?

Lisa Hurley.  Wife and mum to a bubbly little two year old daughter.

How and Why did you start your business?  

I have always loved markets, the atmosphere, the unique one of a kind finds and just shopping in general.  Upon being made redundant from my job at a large Perth based Mining Company, I wanted to try something totally different, a bit creative, with a community focus.  Something that was flexible, having a young child and a husband who worked FIFO.  So I decided to put organisational skills to use and organise a one off market event.  I wanted to focus on women in small business, to showcase talented local women, their various businesses and creations.  So my first market was held in April 2015. It was a big success and suddenly my 'one off' market snowballed into The Ladybird Market taking part in a huge street festival in May 2015 which then led to opening my first pop up store in Mount Hawthorn in August 2015.  I wanted the store to be unique and different from other similar handmade collective type stores around Perth, so decided all items stocked in the store would need to be both designed and handmade by local WA female artisans here in Western Australia.  I believe in supporting local and women in business.  The Pop Up and recent market events have focussed on high quality handmade items.

Where can we purchase your products?

At the moment, you can visit our shop at The Mezz Centre in Mount Hawthorn.  Open six months now, however this is a short term pop up location.  The store has showcased around 50 WA female artisans who have filled our shelves with their creations.

Why did you chose to stock Pure Home Body?

When I first came across Pure Home Body I was a little hesistant about stocking cleaning products.  My initial thought was of the usual supermarket type products and packaging and bleach smell.  How wrong was I!!  I then met the fabulous Cara, creator of Pure Home Body and saw her products in person.  Wow! Not your typical cleaning products at all! Not only did the packaging look amazing but the products themselves smelled amazing too!! I'm in love with Pure Home Body Room Spray and currently use the full home care cleaning kit in my own home.  Pure Home Body products have been very popular in our store and I continue to recommend these products to customers and friends.  I love that these products have been created by a local Perth woman, in small batches, using essential oils and that they contain no nasty chemicals.  Beautiful products!

What is your vision for your business?

For the moment I am focussed on running the pop up store, however this is a short term location.  I will continue to be involved in markets and events and have another big street festival coming up soon.  I will also continue to promote and showcase the talented female entrepreneurs and creatives of WA through instagram and events. I have a few other ideas too!

What do you find is the biggest challenge your clients are faced with, the reason why they would come to you for business over anyone else, what sets you apart?

For me, dealing with small handmade businesses and artisans, I feel alot of them find it hard to have confidence in their ability and in their creations at times.  They can struggle with pricing their products and often under value their time and skills.  I have assisted many of my suppliers with pricing, new product ideas, packaging, etc.  I also find with social media and the huge increase in high quality local handmade businesses and increased competition, some can become disheartened by 'copy cats' or again, losing faith in their abilities or their creations.  It is important to keep doing what you do, enjoy it and back yourself.

Why I feel suppliers would come to me, to my shop or join my events? I am available, approachable, organised (though at times while tryinI g to wrangle a headstrong toddler, this can be difficult).  I get excited if an artisan makes a big sale in the shop, or sells that one amazing piece they have created, that I often send them a quick message to say well done and share the great news immediately.  I know all my suppliers and have met them on many occasions, I know their partners and kids names, why they started their business, what they had for breakfast that day, etc.  I really do care about promoting their business and providing this platform for them to showcase their work.

When it comes to organising market events, I take time to consider each application, look at their website and social media pages, I don't include too many of the same type of stall or products, plan stall location and layout in great detail, splitting up the 'competition' to be fair to everyone and to keep variety for our shoppers also.  I choose high quality stalls and items and require high quality stall presentation from my stallholders.

Your favourite advice/quote/health/wellness tip (this can be anything, it can be quirky, fun, sensible)

Do what you love, follow your heart and do your best.  Health/wellness tip?? Hmmmm...... eat chocolate if you want to, go for a facial, treat yourself, spend quality time with family and good friends. Anything that's good for the soul!


Favourite WA Coffee
At the moment, it would have to be The Peasant's Table at The Mezz in Mount Hawthorn. I'm there twice a day for my coffee fix when at our shop!

Favourite WA Place to hang out
Having a toddler, our family loves to hang out in Kings Park or at the beach.

Favourite WA Instagram Account
Can I say mine? haha! @theladybirdmarket

I also love to keep up to date with all my shop suppliers and stallholders' instagram feeds. There's too many to list, Perth is full of talent! Plus Perth Pop (@perth_pop) for everything Perth related and because we have a shared love of supporting WA businesses and creatives!