Back to Home Basics

Why does wellness and health have so many facets? Well this is an interesting question and one that can't just be examined from a physical point of view. Health and wellness does not just encompass our bodies contrary to what western medicine focuses on. It also includes our mind and the environment we live in. Research is starting to examine how our environment can potentially be triggering the 'on' switch for particular diseases and health issues within our body. One thing for sure in my 14 years working in pharmacy, the thing that is largely overlooked when treating a patient is the environment they live in. What they eat, wash in, sleep in, sit in, wear? What they clean with or not clean with? How adequately do they ventilate their home? How often do they let natural light in? And importantly, how stressed is their home environment? The home environment should be a sanctuary, a place of relaxation that we come home to from our crazy day, flop into and rejuvenate. This 'home' is difficult to achieve in today's world but we can start taking small steps. First lets look at the basics! How can we do this? I am still on this journey myself but I believe it starts with simple, small changes to habits in the home.  For me the change started when I found out I was pregnant with my first son and I was drawn to the realisation that my actions had a direct impact on his wellness. It also took persistent headaches, nausea and a crazy dizzy spell that made me realise that the chemicals I was lacing my home with must also be impacting him.  Research followed and the journey began.

I removed all things nasty from my home, stripped it back and gave it a good therapeutic cleanse. The half spilt bottles of 'Goodness Knows!' were thrown out with the 'What the Heck is That!' and it felt amazing! I looked at what our mothers used and what had changed in the market place for cleaning products. And I came to this result. Strip it back! If you look at majority of the cleaning products out today they all contain ingredients that are highly toxic! Have you actually stopped and read the back of a label of a cleaning product. It will tell you to wear a mask, to put on protective glasses and to wear protective clothing. Better still, and this is a doozy, some brands contain the same ingredient just packaged differently and marketed for other uses. I have seen even natural ones do this! Or alternatively don't display half the ingredients on their list so they don't look bad, market themselves as natural and then include nasty additives.

Well, to 'poop' with that! I won't give control of my home to these products and have them influence my life and wellness. So I fought back and for the past 5 years have made my own cleaning products. I have not bought one cleaning product for 5 years! It is so good to have one less isle to walk down with the shopping trolley and two 'monkeys' aka kids. And now the smell of the isle repulses me!

I implore you to sit back and take a look at the simple things that are often overlooked but could be possibly causing your itchy eyes, your headaches, your allergies, your irritable bowel, your dermatitis, or worsening your dandruff, drying your hands, making your children irritable, worsening their asthma or just making you feel unwell in general. What is it in your humble home, your sanctuary, that could be affecting your health? I stumbled across this beautiful short video 'A Wake-Up Story' from 'Health Child Healthy World' during my research. Not only is it inspirational but educational and a valuable tool for anyone looking to start the journey to a healthier home.