The reality of running a business - A mother's honest perspective

Running a business is no ones cup of tea, sometimes I wonder if it is mine.

A few months ago I was ready to throw in the white towel. I was completely overwhelmed. Pure Home Body had had a fresh injection of energy from myself after a month off and I could feel the traction taking the business to a different level. I was in the middle of a rebrand, had meetings left right and centre, ran the home, the kids, and was struggling to keep up with my work as a contract administrator for a building company. Why is it as women we often find ourselves in these situations? Trying to make it work, compromising our wellbeing and ultimately our happiness and losing sight of our purpose?

Guilt and judgement comes to mind. Guilty because we can't dedicate 100% to one particular thing in our life, or what we 'think' is the thing we need to dedicate 100% of our time to and feeling judged because we don't.

Over the past 4 years I have been through an amazing journey of growth and personal discovery. I went from being an extreme perfectionist (something I still have to continually work on), anxious, worried, highly strung individual to a more conscious, easy going, calm and more accepting person. I have ultimately my husband and children to thank for this humble grounding. And writing this paragraph brings a little tear to my eye because I have so much gratitude for these three amazing souls.

I found motherhood initially challenging. As a Pharmacist you promote on a daily basis 'Breast is Best', so when confronted with the realisation that breastfeeding was not an option for me I felt like I had already failed at something that every mother should do. I kept wondering if my child was still bonding with me now I was not giving him 'skin to skin' contact, what's happening to his tummy, is he really getting the best nutrition. My perfectionist nature drove me crazy in the early years of motherhood. I placed unrealistic expectations on myself that only drove me to feeling lost, anxious and overwhelmed.

The reality is, regardless of running a business, being a mother is challenging. Even more challenging today than ever because what were once healthy influences from a tribal community has now been replaced with societal pressures and an overload of information making motherhood a somewhat unnatural experience at times. We lose our inner voice, our natural instinct.

So when I found myself having those same feelings pop up earlier this year I knew something had to change.

I never used to take my kids with me for business meetings, I sometimes would get frustrated with them for not allowing me to delve deeper into my business, and with that I felt I lacked time and space to really pursue the dream. I rushed homework, our reading time, our special moments just to give me more time. I felt flustered, irritated and short fused. I was regressing....big time!

So earlier this year, I took a step back and  made the conscious decision that if anyone wants to do business with me, they do business with my family. I now involve my kids, because collectively we can achieve the dream together. They have been to new stockists meetings, stock drop offs, rebrand meetings, because they are me and form part of the dream. They help me make, label, package and deliver. Obviously there are times which are not appropriate, but most of the time one if not both of my kids are with me.

Business I realised, cannot be done on your own especially as a mother. When I realised this and put aside my 'power to women' mindset I started to flourish.  When you shift your mindset and realise motherhood is part of you, not a separate entity, and therefore forms part of your business you embrace the situation. I may not get things done as quickly as I'd like to but forcing things can also prove not genuine and untrue to your business. So now in a more relaxed approach to business I take each day as it comes, I plan better and align myself with people who understand that Pure Home Body is a family, and if you wish to join in we can have a great play date.

I started Pure Home Body with the intention of raising awareness of toxin load in the home. Pure Home Body has become more than that. It now has a greater purpose, a purpose to empower and unite families to create wellness and happiness within their own home and in-turn help other families achieve this too. Pure Home Body is a safe space to educate, and discover you, your family and what makes you all happy. Wellness within the home is a collective team effort, just like business. You and your family have the power to achieve wellness, no Doctor, Pharmacist, or health care professional can do this for you.

Pure Home Body, my family, would like to join and help you achieve your wellness and happiness as we achieve ours. Together we can unite and empower.

To a happier home!