Your Guide to Detoxing Your Home

It's the long weekend and you may find that if you aren't wining, dining or holidaying (you lucky thing!) that you have a few spare moments to first, breathe and have a moment to yourself, and then secondly take charge and empower your wellness through detoxing your home.

Detoxing your home is the first step to creating your sanctuary and only requires simple, small changes to habits that we do every day. Yes, you will be surprised! It is really that simple! Remember at Pure Home Body we are all about creating wellness easily and empowering you to make conscious decisions about your family's wellbeing.

So here are a few simple habits that you can change to kick start your empowerment

Detoxing Habit 1: Take off your shoes

Grab yourself a nice storage basket for your front and back doors, and when entering your home take your shoes off. When we are out and about our shoes collect all sorts of dirt, grime, dust, chemicals only to be brought into the home when we walk into it. Not only can taking off your shoes help detox your home it is a great grounding practice. Sometimes when I feel a little overwhelmed I rub my bare feet on the floor (yes sounds a little crazy). This can help ground you and bring you back into the now.

Detoxing Habit 2: Get better flow

Air flow that is! Open your windows and allow natural ventilation to bring in fresh air. This will help remove any build up of chemicals, volatile organic compounds (chemicals in household objects that become gaseous at room temperature) and stagnant air within the home. It also reduces moisture within the air which can promote mould growth within the home.

Detoxing Habit 3: Shine Baby Shine!

Let that beautiful sunlight in. Open your blinds and let that amazing Autumn sun into your home and kiss your beautiful sanctuary. We are so lucky that we are still experiencing fantastic weather (although I think rain is on the cards for us today) and that the sun is not too hot. Natural sunlight is a powerful antibacterial. It can disinfect your chopping boards, sheets, towels, rugs and furniture. So forget the dryer and get your items out in the sun. I often recommend my patients use hot soapy (remember to look at what your using) water and dry items in full sun when treating common problems like fungal infections (athlete's foot, thrush), scabies, worms and many other conditions.  Chopping boards (please use wooden over plastic) can be placed outside after a wash and left to dry.

Detoxing Habit 4: Drink clean water

Get a water filter on your tap. I have one on my kitchen tap and one at the connection to the mains. If you can't do this then buy yourself a water purifying jug. These can be purchased at any natural health food store. Why is this important? A large number of chemicals are found in drinking water, most are put in there to clean the water. But once it reaches your glass do you need to consume these chemicals? It's a simple no. You know what the better part about it is, you can drastically reduce your lime scale build up!

Detoxing Habit 5: Join our family!

The main cause of chemical contamination in the home is through the use of chemical laced cleaning and personal care products. Our range is designed with your health in mind and to inspire you to create your own home sanctuary. Our range is simple, we have only 6 products in the line because our products have multiple uses. Our multipurpose doubles up as glass cleaner, our disinfectant spray (great for your bathrooms, laundry and toilets) can be used on your gym equipment and shoes, our lime descaler can be used on your shower screens, and in your kettle (obviously give it a boil with clean water and discard before using it again), our Room Spray can be used as a perfume or garment freshener, our handwash can be used as a body wash (although our body wash is so divine). We don't believe in floor cleaners because eucalyptus oil and hot water is all you need but we do believe in keeping it simple!

Detoxing Habit 6: Clean your air

Remove air fresheners that use artificial fragrances to make your home smell nice. These fragrances can be made up of 40 or more different chemicals alone. Use an oil burner or ultrasonic oil distiller and natural essential oils to fragrance your air.

Remove fly and insect sprays. These are terrible!!! I often ask my patients if they have any of those automatic dispensers in their home when they come in complaining of feeling really lethargic and run down or have picked up a cough. The chemicals these release are polluting your air, you directly inhale them and pass them directly to your blood stream through your lungs. Remove pests kindly, use a less toxic repellent......... or a fly squat.

Garden pesticides are a huge no no!!! These pesticides make their way into our home on our shoes, feet, and the air. It's best to steer away from using these items around the home and find alternative natural ways to reduce pests in the garden.

Clean your air-conditioner filter. Please tell me you still have your manual (hehe look this up online if you don't). Head to the care/maintenance section and see how you can remove your filter and wash. You will be surprised with what builds up here. Make you thoroughly dry out the filter before replacing in, we don't want any nasty, mouldy smells coming from it next time you turn it on.

Happy Detoxing!


p.s. leave me a comment and tell me what you think