Juice - 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Juicing

As you may be aware, I have just undertaken a 3 day juice detox with one of Perth's highly recommended juice company Pure Glow Cleanse.

After a little too much indulgence over the Easter weekend I decided that Saturday that I would order a complete 3 Day Radiance Reset Cleanse from Pure Glow Cleanse (PGC). It sounded great, it looked yummy and I was definitely not feeling my usual radiant self. Lately I had been feeling really sluggish, tired and run down. I had put it down to a little to much Easter eggs, glasses of vino..... oh and my low iron (yes, yes, yes, doc I can see your blood boiling as you are reading this. I am booking myself in on Monday for my long overdue iron infusion- leave the importance of iron for another post).

Let me first begin by explaining how juice cleansing works.

It really should be called a juice fast. The idea is to allow your digestive system to rest by consuming a liquid diet consisting of fresh fruit and vegetable juices, strained broths, herbal teas and clean water. Once you shut your digestion down you allow your liver to focus on removing toxins from your body rather than working on digesting and processing your food. It may also allow time for the gut to heal and is said to deliver superior nutrition to your body. Juice fasting is not intended for weight loss (although some juice cleanses add this as a benefit of juicing) but rather a way to ease digestion and in doing so reduce signs of bloating and other intestinal upsets. Cold press juicing is considered the best way to extract and maintain nutrient content in fruits and vegetables. PGC utilises this cold press method to make all its juices.

You may be wondering why I chose Pure Glow Cleanse over other companies. After viewing their ingredient profile against other juices theirs was the most balanced, cleansing and alkalising of the juice companies. It does pay to look at the blends of fruit and vegetables and how the sugar content weighs up. You may prefer an alternative company based on your taste preference but if you wish to juice please do your research first.

Tuesday it arrives in it's black box (I love anything that comes in a black box :P ). I load the fridge and read the simple booklet that is provided. Super easy, nothing complex, drink each juice in the ordered number for the next 3 days.

Juice Day 1.

I found it super easy and by easy I was looking forward to the novelty of juicing. Previous juice detox's I had done consisted of really sweet juices but PGC's were beautiful, fresh and jam packed with cleansing, alkalising and soothing ingredients. I wasn't hungry and found I could sip my juice slowly over an hour.

(Chai Vanilla Dream my most favourite one, tooooo yummy!)

Physically, I had no headache, no nausea or any other signs of detox but did have a very restless sleep that night. That could have been because of the 3am sheet changes thanks to Mr O wetting his bed. I had changed his bed sheets earlier that day and after our little bedtime argument about putting the brolly sheet on (which he outright refused to have because it made him hot-honestly they come up with the darnedest things) I was NOT happy!!!

Juice Day 2.

I have to admit, I was a little less excited today about juicing. I woke up sluggish, was missing my morning cup of tea and had a coffee date with the school mums planned for the morning. I knew it was going to be a challenge to attend so opted out

I found Day 2 mentally challenging. I had time on my hands which I would usually fill with working on Pure Home Body, making products and packing orders, tending to Mr G, cooking, eating, eating and yes you guessed it eating. I eat relatively healthy and as I'm sure most mums relate, have become a grazer and eat frequently like the kids. A habit I still do even when they are at kindy/school. Today I realised how much time I fill in my day with food purely out of boredom.

The cravings also set in today, but rather than a sweet pick me up I was craving a salad.

My sense of smell was amazing. I walked in to the local super market and smelt sugar! I was in the bread section but it felt like walking into a cupcake shop or patisserie it smelt so sweet. Normally I love the smell of this section often wishing bread was a superfood, nothing smells better than freshly baked bread.

Besides the early morning sluggishness I felt much lighter, my head felt clearer and my body didn't ache as much. This may sound strange but it felt 'less inflamed'.

Juice Day 3.

Final day! Today I was excited. I felt really light getting out of bed, I had a visibly flatter stomach and could visibly see my face was less bloated-extra fluid stored in the body that is considered waste had been removed.

I breezed through the day and found myself working more efficiently while not placing any pressure on myself to achieve. At times I find running a business and home overwhelming but today it was stress free productivity and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It just goes to show how food largely influences you emotionally and hormonally (another blog to follow on gut health and our emotions) and that removing toxins and balancing you body can help achieve greater power of the mind and body.  Best of all no cravings!

(All done!)

So after undertaking this juice cleanse journey with Pure Glow Cleanse these are my 5 reasons why I believe juice fasting/cleanses are a good practice.

5 Reasons to Juice Cleanse

  • Reduce the toxin load on your body-allows the liver to focus on cleansing your body rather than your digestion
  • Reduce intestinal discomfort such as bloating-may help heal the gut by reducing the work of the stomach and intestines.
  • Delivery of rich nutrients-by cold pressing and extracting the nutrients and removing the fibre/bulk the body does not have to break down the food to draw out the nutrients
  • Practice discipline-it's not every day you can test your body. I found juicing challenging at times but simple will power is what gets you through and your mind pushing you to achieve. It's a good test to set yourself and it sets you up to establish better eating habits.
  • Gratitude-you do feel healthier! Mental clarity, lightness, balanced, soothed, refreshed are words that described how I felt post cleanse. You begin to question what you eat and think twice before you reach for that coffee, glass of vino, last choccy egg......

Detox is done and its back to eating although in a more conscious fashion!

Now I am more aware of how great my body can feel I will make more conscious decisions about the food I fuel my body with as well as making juice fasting a regular practice.

After all, your body is your temple, taking the time to visit and listen to it can only bring your benefits.

Happy Cleansing!


Please note: Please seek medical advise before considering a juice cleanse. The above account does not replace the advise of a doctor or medical practitioner, rather it is an account of a personal experience. The benefits listed may not occur in all people and are not endorsed by any company or business and is an account of the benefits experienced personally.