Who are those Nude Dudes?

nude dude candles

Ok, so if you follow us you would have had the privilege of enjoying two buff and absolutely gorgeous men take over Pure Home Body. 

Keeping the men in your life healthy is all part of having a safe, healthy and happy home so naturally we wanted 'on board' to promote wellness among men for Men's Health Week 2016 (13th June till 19th June). When we planned our health campaigns for this year we knew we had to get some 'man help' to raise awareness on Men's Health. Channing Tatum and Ryan Gosling didn't return my emails so when we discovered Nude Dude Candles we jumped at the idea to get them on our campaign. After all a little eye candy is just what you need during Men's Health week. Not only are they super cute, into their health and fitness, they have an awesome ethos of 'giving' and are extremely charitable giving 10% of their candle sales to Happy Kids Cambodia, Swags For the Homeless and the Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal. 

We were so fortunate the boys jumped at the opportunity to raise awareness by showing us how they keep their home clean. I mean come on what woman wants to clean let alone a man. Although nothing's sexier than seeing a man clean in nothing but an apron! 

The campaign was a success thanks to Chris and Ryan from Nude Dudes and your shares, comments, feedback and interaction. The 'Planting the Seed' blog became our top read and shared blog. So a HUGE THANKYOU for doing your part in raising awareness on Men's Health Week. 

Our next campaign is our FIRST BIRTHDAY. The month of August will see a roll out of specials, freebies, giveaways, pop ups and gratitude for the wonderful support and love we receive from our followers and customers. We will also announce the foundations we will be aligning ourselves with. So stay tuned. In the meantime we our popping up at the Perth Upmarket next weekend (26th June) and then in Enex 100 Shopping Centre for their 'Enex Goes Green' Campaign (27th June-3rd July).

Enough said! Let's get to know the dudes behind Nude Dude Candles and the poured to imperfection 'mandles' they create. 

Nude Dude Candles

Who are the dudes behind the brand Nude Dudes?

Ryan - As well as being the scent guru for Nude Dudes I am the Victorian account manager for Cyborg Sports, a personal trainer and amateur bodybuilder where I prance around in tiny posing trunks, wear fake tan and pretend to look half decent on stage.

Chris - When I'm not posting my butt on social media, I can be found at work (sports events/operations), studying my MBA or playing Aussie Rules. As well as this I can be seen on channel 7 kissing a bunch of girls whilst blindfolded on their show 'Kiss Bang Love' (airing 21st June). -Don't you worry Chris we will be watching to check out your talent hun!

 Uuuummmm Chris, we will be watching intently. We hope your cute bum is a good indication as to how you kiss.

Uuuummmm Chris, we will be watching intently. We hope your cute bum is a good indication as to how you kiss.

How and Why did you start Nude Dude Candles?

Ryan and I always come up with ideas and talk about them, but we have never just gone all in and given one a go. Chris had been a candle lover for a long time, usually lighting one large and three tealight candles every night. Between Chris and his sister (Ryan's wife) Ryan didn't stand a chance and fell in love with candles as well.

The idea of starting a candle business came up as a joke originally, we started throwing names around like Naked Guys, Nude Men until we landed on Nude Dudes. After we stopped laughing we thought of the idea of using our butts as marketing. From our point of view the candle industry is pretty boring, without much variation and most companies doing the same/similar things, so we knew we had a point of difference. The two biggest points for both of us were, learning about business and helping the community, so we decided that 10% of all sales would go to a selected charity, rotating the charities every three months. Which not only gives them funding but exposure and awareness which will only increase as we continue to grow.

What is your vision for Nude Dude Candles?

'Changing the world, one candle at a time.' We believe that all businesses have a social responsibility to do what they can for the local community, so much of the world is take, take, take. If we can give back to the community and spread our positive message to influence others to follow our lead we will be two happy Nude Dudes.

Where can we purchase your 'Mandles'?

Our products can be purchased at www.nudedudescandles.com. 

Also we have some stockists on the East Coast, Green Cathedral (Northcote, Vic) and Gisborne Flower Shoppe (Gisborne, Vic) and two stores currently being confirmed by the end of May, Made In Common (Bendigo, Vic) and Lamington (Noosa, QLD)

Why did you collaborate with PHB?

We connected with Cara from Pure Home Body through Instagram and her passion and vision comes across in everything she does. PHB products are so much better for the environment than most alternatives which is something we can relate to at Nude Dudes. Our candles are 100% Soy Wax, unlike some of the major companies (not naming any names) that use a soy wax blend, containing paraffin. You should always know what goes into your products and where they are sourced from as there are so many brands you know and love that are using such harmful bi-products and chemicals.

Your favourite Nude Dude advice/quote/health/wellness tip?

Ryan - The most important thing is to enjoy your life and be happy. Stay positive and surround yourself with people who generally enjoy every aspect of their life. 'Don't put your hand out, put your hand up' Put your hand up and say 'what can I do for you?' Don't put your hand out and say 'what about me?' 

Chris -  It's something that comes across in every aspect of life, spread positive vibes. Surround yourself with positive things and people and your outlook on life will be positive. 

Favourite Coffee Place
Ryan - Anywhere with my beautiful wife. Melbourne has the best coffee. Sir Charles in Fitzroy, Troy Browns in flinders street. I could go on and on ;) -Naaawwww Ryan what a sweatheart!!! :)

Chris - I don't drink coffee so I'll say my favorite beer place is Ponyfish Island on Yarra River/Southbank in Melbourne.

Favourite Place to hang out
Ryan: Gym is an easy one, it's the one place I can go and just let loose and surround myself with like minded people. Also Just anywhere around Melbourne really, it's a beautiful city that offers so much. 

Chris: I love just venturing around the streets of Melbourne and soaking in the culture of the city. - Oh Chris tell us why you don't have a girlfriend yet! Or do you? We will have to stay tuned for 'Kiss Bang Love' on Cannel 7 Tuesday night (21st June)

Favourite Instagram Account
Besides Nude Dudes Candles?


If you want to get your hands on one of the wonderful Nude Dude Candles head to their website www.nudedudecandles.com and check out their range. Trust me the pics are true 'Nude Dude' form. If you wish to stock their range of candles flick them an email to nudedudecandles@gmail.com. 

Wishing you a safe healthy and happy home
Love P.H.B xx