It may be summer, but there's no better time to spring clean your life. Getting into a set routine can feel tedious at first, but once you’re well and truly settled, it can help to make life a lot easier.

Try some of the key tips below which are so easy to incorporate into your routine and will help to create some stability within your home and work balance as well.

Have a reminder

Being reminded of something makes us want to do it over and over again, thus ingraining it into our daily routine.. without even realising it! If you’re a naturally forgetful person, this is the best tip for you since it’s all about creating a consistency within your daily routine.

There are a few different ways to remind yourself to do something, and ultimately you will figure out which is most effective for your lifestyle. Setting reminders on our computer, phone, alarm clock, and even written notes are all great ways to keep aware of something on a daily basis.

Daily routine

The next step is making this habit a part of your daily routine. Try and focus on the action involved to get this habit into your lifestyle over a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis. This involves reacting to the reminder and actually fulfilling the task over and over again. Don’t be too scared if it feels difficult at first, most habits often take at least 21 days to feel as if they are natural part of your routine.

Benefits from this new habit

Finally we come to the final part of kickstarting a new habit, the reward. Let’s take the idea of cleaning in this example. If you tidy the dishes after each meal, by the end of the day the kitchen (and most importantly the sink) will look spotless. Your reward is a clean and tidy kitchen, by putting in minimal effort throughout he entire day.

When starting a new habit, you will probably be looking forward to the reward and how it makes you feel after completing the task. Over time, this will feel like a natural part of your routine, and you’ll do it without the incentive of a reward!