I’ve done many pop ups, in-store activations, workshops and guest speaking in my time owning Pure Home Body. I have an absolute blast and love connecting with people. Each and every time, without fail there are the same 5 questions that pop up. So I thought why not write a blog out of it for ya’ll and share my tips and advice on the range.

Ok here goes, first question.

Can it be used on engineered stone, stone, granite and marble?

This question is the most popular and rightly so, stone/engineered stone benchtops come pretty standard with any home now-a-days and are very expensive to fix. My answer to this question is yes and no.

What the heck Cara?!

Stone and engineered stone is a delicate little soul and the Pure Home Body range can 100% be used on any of these surfaces. However, you must follow the instructions of the product. That is, Shake the Bottle, Spray and Wipe.

What do I mean by this?

Well, the natural nature of the product, and the fact that I have removed the nasty additives that assist in emulsifying the ingredients, means that you need to shake to ensure consistent dispersion of ingredients (in fact, pretty much all products expect you to do this before applying to a surface to ensure that there is no concentrated areas in the product). It’s easy - just a couple of aggitations and you’re done.

The next is to ensure you are using a clean microfibre and NOT using your dish cloth.

That’s a big ‘no no’ from the stone and engineered stone manufacturers. They highly advice you use a clean cloth all the time, so as to ensure any oil or food acids in the cloth doesn’t leave marks on your bench.

And just like any spill on your bench, be it water, beetroot, lemon juice, vinegar, fruit or vegetable acids, you should wipe it off and not wait. This is to ensure no staining or etching into the surface.

Pure Home Body has been tested on a wide range of engineered stone/stone surfaces and left for long durations. In these tests, there were no visible signs of etching or discolouration on the surfaces. We have also submitted our products for testing to a large engineered stone company who have agreed they are happy with the use of our products, including our strongest natural product the lime descaler on their product (unfortunately because they do not affiliate with any other products we are unable to say but here’s a hint. Their name rhymes with phone).

Are they effective?

I love this question!

If you haven’t heard the story of Pure Home Body and how we launched, then you’re in for a shock. From humble beginnings where my primitive concoctions were mixed in my laundry to starting a cleaning business to do research and reformulating til the range worked in any home.

I know what it feels like to buy eco-friendly, natural products and be so disappointed that they didn’t do the job or take the extra time to really clean something or even worse were faux natural. So, for 1 year the products were trialed via my cleaning business in homes across Perth before I launched to the public market. Yes, Pharmacist turned cleaner! And boy did I learn a thing or two cleaning, but we’ll save that for another blog.

I am also about simplicity, so 1 product can swap out a minimum of 6 different products. Take one of our top sellers, the Multipurpose Spray. It’s your all-purpose cleaner swapping out your bench spray, your glass cleaner, your chrome cleaner, your mirror cleaner, your general dusting spray and your floor cleaner. It’s designed to help minimise your supplies and be effective across all areas.

Are you Australian made?

Pure Home Body is formulated using high quality, low toxicity plant based ingredients. We source locally from Australia and manufacture locally here in Western Australia. Our bottles are made and produced in Australia also. We are 100% dinky die Aussie mate.

How do they compare to current products on the market?

Another one of my fave questions!

Besides being eco-friendly, the most important aspect of Pure Home Body’s range is that it's health friendly. The range was developed by myself, a Pharmacist, based on an understanding of the environment and how it impacts our overall wellbeing. My passion for common illnesses such as asthma, eczema, allergies and autoimmune diseases led me to look at our immune system and gut health and how our environment impacts them.

I discovered some scary information, including the lack of governing laws around what ingredients need to be listed on products and how much greenwashing goes on in the market, that I needed to make a stand. I wanted change, and I wanted people to join me by boycotting these products. What better way than to help provide them with a trusted, effective alternative.  

We also differ by promoting less is best! I want to simplify your life not complicate it, going for a healthier option shouldn’t be hard or cost you a packet. Take our surface sprays - they contain up to 3 months of product in 1 bottle working out to be more cost effective than your regular commercially available eco-friendly cleaning products. I also don’t believe in selling you the same product repackaged as another product for a different part of the home. This is a little tactic that a number of eco-friendly cleaning products like to do. Using the same product but labelling it differently for different areas in the home to make you buy more product. Clever, but something I completely think is a wrought and needs to be exposed.

We’re all about healthy home fun!

The products are only part of our mission. We want to inspire you to have a healthier and happier home through events, our blog and community involvement. Being a Pharmacist, your journey to living healthier is important to me. It gives me no greater pleasure than to see someone take charge of their health! You can do it!

But isn’t every natural product better for us?

Yes and……no. Going natural is definitely better, but we can confuse going natural with going healthy and this may not necessarily be the case.

Did I lose you?

Well, let me give an example. My lime descaler is plant based, but formulated as a liquid gel. Why? Well the natural active ingredient citric acid can be irritating on the lining of the lungs especially for those suffering from asthma or allergies.  

So my point here is that despite ingredients being natural, they may not necessarily be good for the body, irritating and cause worsening of symptoms for those suffering from certain illnesses.

We also can’t hide the fact of greenwashing that happens in our market place. There are no governing laws on the use of the word ‘natural’ or ‘organic’. So that means that companies can put these words on their product regardless of containing little, if any, natural or organic ingredients. For example, there are a number of fabulous laundry liquids that say they contain natural ingredients. They may put a natural scent in the product, like Eucalyptus, which may account for less than 1% of the product but will market the product to make it seem like it is the best thing since sliced bread (gluten free bread if you’re intolerant :P ).

Beware of the certifications also, not all are equal, and some are more flexible than others. Try stick to Australian Certified Organic (ACO) if you are choosing a product with certification.  

Wishing you Wellness,