Okay, it’s spring. That time of year to get your once-a-year deep clean done. Yes, I hate it too! But doing so will not only make you feel better but also boost the energy in your home.

Who knew it could be so easy to clean nearly all aspects of the home with natural products? Not only is it better for the environment and the entire family, but natural solutions are also extremely cost efficient and even more effective in the long term. Try the following natural alternatives, which are quick and easy – especially on those pesky, hard-to-reach places in the home!


Keeping your grout looking fresh and brand new can be a difficult task and we often opt for the chemical blast, which can leave you with a headache, skin and lung irritations. We all know that’s the body’s way of telling us it doesn’t like something, right?

Here’s my simple 5.5.5. Grout Cleaning Solution you can do with the kids. It’s exciting and entertaining for them as well.

Mix a solution of 1:1 white vinegar with water in a spray bottle and make a paste of baking soda with water. Have a grout brush on hand (an old toothbrush or scrubbing brush is fine, too).

Spray the walls of your bathroom generously with the vinegar solution and let it sit for 5 mins. Using your toothbrush, dip it into the baking soda paste and scrub the grout areas in between the tiles. You should some bubbles form and hear a sizzling sound. Let this sit again for 5 mins.

Now is the exciting part. Get the kids to spray the vinegar solution over the walls again and let them watch the magic begin. The baking soda and vinegar will react and create a fizzing sound and the tile surface should start to bubble as the paste eats away at mould and soap scum. Leave it to sit for another 5 mins and then rinse off with warm/hot water.

Follow this by wiping over the entire shower surface with our Disinfectant Spray to freshen the smell and wipe your surfaces dry with a microfibre cloth.

Grout Cleaner recipe:

1:1 White Vinegar/Water Solution
250ml Water
250ml White Vinegar

Baking Soda Paste
5 tablespoon Baking Powder
Add water and mix till a paste is formed

If your grout contains tough stains which don’t seem to go away, combine even amounts of baking soda, washing soda and liquid soap. Mix together until it has combined.

Apply a layer of white vinegar; this helps to pre-whiten the grout. Apply the mixture onto tiles and leave for at least 10-15 so it can soak through. Remove with lukewarm water and a clean brush to reveal a stainless grout.

Washing machine

Cleaning a washing machine? Hmmm, why do I need to clean something that cleans? What we don’t realise is that we often wash on cold cycles, leaving our washing machine without the nice hot cycles it likes to cut through mould growth and build-up of grime.

If you have a front loader like mine a simple bag of Epsom Salts works a treat. Grab a packet from your health food store or chemist.

Set your empty washing machine to the largest and hottest cycle and dump the packet of salts into the barrel.  Fill the machine to above half way (check your product manual to find how to do this). Let the cycle continue until finished. Done.

Alternatively, you can use white vinegar, bicarbonate soda, water and a tough sponge. Combine the bicarbonate soda, white vinegar and water, then add the mixture into the detergent part of your washing machine and set to a normal cycle. If you have a top loader just pop them into the barrel. Once the cycle is over, use the sponge to remove any excess dirt or grime that has been lifted from the cylinder.


It is often said that the dishwasher contains more germs and bacteria than any other room of the house… too much information! Once per week, use this natural method to help keep your dishwasher clean and allow it to run better.

Pop a cup of vinegar and half a cup of bicarb soda on the top rack of your dishwasher. Run a normal cycle, then allow the dishwasher to steam for at least 10-20 minutes with the door closed. This will banish any hard-to-reach food particles and germs from the entire system. You can even pop in half a lemon to give it an extra grime kick and lemon freshness.