Many people ask me about floor cleaners and when will I create one. My reply to that is simple, I don't believe you need to buy one when it is so simple to make one at home. I still make my own and use the simplest blend of common, everyday essential oils readily available from your health food store. 

I love a good natural cleaning hack and making this floor cleaner will take you literally 2 minutes. If you love a good one too then check out my earlier blog 'Natural Cleaning Solutions for your Grout, Washing Machine and Dishwasher'

If you have wooden surfaces, the key to cleaning it is.............LESS IS BEST! And I seriously mean that!

Wood surfaces, unless you have the beautiful untreated type in which case I would suggest just sweep it, are covered in highly toxic lacquer. Have you ever smelt a new home with polished floor boards? It's highly potent and takes weeks to clear and that's because the lacquer itself is releasing toxic fumes as it dries. I opted for a water based polish on my floors, it was the most Eco and health friendly option available at the time. 

The key things to remember when cleaning wooden floors:

1. Make sure you thoroughly ring out the mop before you mop the floor. Water itself can also leave marks and if left can strip the lacquer too. 
2. When adding the essential oil blend make sure you agitate the water and mix it in. I have had experiences where I have left a cloudy film that feels slippery on the floor. This was because I had dumped the mop on top of the added blend that was sitting on top of the water, the mop then soaked it all up and as a result left marks all over the floor. 
3, Avoid steam mops on wooden floors too, I have only had issues with them leaving cloudy, smudgy surfaces. If anyone has a steam mop and loves it I'd love to know which one you use. Please comment below.
4. Alternatively you can pop the blend into a spray bottle with water and spray your floor while you follow with a mop. If you choose this option then half the below formula. 
5. For quick spills, our Natural Disinfectant Cleaning Spray is a great spray and wipe up between floor cleans.  

For tiled surfaces, you need a quick drying solution teamed with the correct mopping motion. Yes you heard right, it's all in the hips :) 

The key things to remember when cleaning tiled surfaces:

1. Use a good clean mop, one that is easy to clean between each mopping session. Tiled surfaces show up hair and dust easily. Going over a surface with an uncleaned mop can make your floors look dirtier than when you began. 
2. Use a figure 8 motion when mopping. This will allow you to trap all the dirt and prevent leaving any behind. 
3. Quick drying solution requires a little bit of alcohol in it. (make sure the alcohol makes the cleaning bucket not the glass! Wink, Wink!) If you have a little vodka this is perfect, only a little is needed. I suggest 1/3 cup in a bucket of hot water. 

For carpets, avoid toxic powders laced with fragrance. Honestly it's not necessary. You can create your own natural carpet freshener powder that you pop on, leave for 5 minutes and then vacuum up. Another home cleaning hack that will take you only 2 minutes to make. I find that I can keep my carpet relatively free from dirt marks and stains by having simple rules. We don't wear shoes in the house (mainly because it brings in many toxins, read about my 6 Detox Tips you can do now to reduce toxins in your home in my 'Your Guide to Detoxing Your Home' Blog), we don't eat in our bedrooms (terrible antisocial habit), and lastly any colouring in is to be done on your desk (textures, pens, markers , pencils stay well away from the carpet).

Once a year I do like to get the carpets washed by a professional though, this revives them nicely ready for the next year of bashing. 

Eager to know what these DIY cleaning products are made of, check out my home cleaning brews below: 

DIY Natural Wooden Floor Cleaner

Lavender Essential Oil 5 drops
Eucalyptus Oil 1 cap
Tea Tree Oil 5 drops
Add to the laundry trough or 20L bucket filled with hot water. 

DIY Natural Tile Floor Cleaner

Lavender Oil 5 Drops
Eucalyptus Oil 5 Drops
Tea Tree Oil 5 Drops
1/3 Cup Vodka
Add to the laundry trough or 20L bucket filled with hot water. 

DIY Natural Carpet Freshener

1-2 Cups of Baking Soda
15 drops of your favourite essential oil. I suggest lavender for it's calming properties especially for the bedrooms. 
Combine and place in a glass jar. Pierce some holes in the lid to allow you to shake over hte carpet. 

I'd love to know your thoughts! Have you tried another formulation that works? Let us know we are always up for more handy tips and tricks. Interested in looking at the Pure Home Body Range click through to have a squiz