Kick Start your 2018 with a New Year New You!


Wooohooooo! How are you feeling?

A little energized, inspired……… or a little worse for wear having overindulged on what has to be the most amazing time of the year?

We love Christmas and New Year. According to Cara, it actually forces you to stop, reflect and revive, but for some this is hard to do.

Some can feel lost, a little depressed (aren’t we all when we realise we are another year older) and struggle to get their fabulous selves on the train towards awesomeness.

So at PHB, we thought we’d help you kick start your year into gear (that rhymes) by sharing with you some fantastic inspo we received from our magnificent, ever awesome, crazy founder and Holistic Pharmacist, Cara Little, and the lovely, super juicy, Holistic Health Coach and founder of The Juicy Movement, Carla Thomas.

If you haven’t met Carla, she is one little pocket rocket we can’t get enough of.

She shares the same ethos as our founder Cara and PHB...

Living healthy in an easy way...Oh yes you can!


Cara met Carla at……… guessed it……. a local wellness event and while talking over their passion of dance floor moves, they realized they had so much in common. Besides the fact that Carla is an ex Wildcat Dancer and Cara an award-winning wedding dance floor choreographer (we have some footage that we use as black mail when she gets us working too much), we know they both have daily rituals that get them set for success.

We sat them down to ask them for a few tips.

Cara, how do you start your day?

Ok, I’m not naturally a morning person. I lurrrrve nothing more than a sleep in. Despite this, I religiously get up earlier than the rest of my family. I down two glasses of warm water to rehydrate myself and then sit down to 15 minutes of emails and social media. This may not be ideal for everyone. I actually set myself a stop watch and smash out the best I can in 15 minutes. I then do a 3km walk.

And in these moments, I find a little peace, I visualize where I want to be and what I want to do.

Then I get on with the usual mothering until after morning school drop off. Breaky for me is always a shake; I find it super simple, nutritious and a good kick start to the day. I find coffee a little harsh on an empty stomach, so you won’t see me hitting a coffee till around 10.30. If I was to have a hot bevvie in the morning, it’s a good ol’ English Breakfast tea.

What do you do to get yourself into the best mind set for success in anything you do?

For me, the right mindset is the key to approaching anything you do. You see everything comes down to perception. If you perceive something to be hard, or from the outset think you aren’t capable, you will naturally not be your best at the task.

The key to making sure you have the right mind set is to be realistic with your goals. Think soft and hard goals.

Hard ones are the big dreamy ones that are so ballsy it seems almost (and I use the word almost in the context of it's doable, but you have to put some serious drive behind it) unachievable and then there are the ones that are more achievable with some good strategy, planning and preparation. These are your softies or your soft goals. You need both, but make sure you don’t set your softie to soft that you settle.

Is there any ritual you perform to set your daily tone?

Ummmmmmm……… Did I mention I’m not a morning person? Ok I have kids so my main goal before 9am is to get them to school with a packed lunch, two of the same coloured socks and a washed uniform. In order to do this I have to set the tone for my day the day before.

So I am a big fan of preparation…..for anything in life. I love nothing more than a planning session!

So for work, I brain dump on my note pad before I go to bed and list my tasks requiring to be done and delegate them into ‘must dos’, the ‘need to be but can be done inbetween the must dos’ and the ‘not so important but love to do if I have the time’ list.

I have majority of the lunch box items set aside for me in the morning so that I’m not a shamble trying to find everything in the morning.

I then read RELIGIOUSLY before bed. I struggle sometimes to put books down. I just love learning (you may also call this personal development) and feeling inspired so I constantly have my face in a Pharmacy Journal (ok this can sometimes be boring), Business Book or Biography.

As I switch the light off at night I practice gratitude. I get emotional when I do this sometimes because I am a big soppy one, but I think of all the lovely things I am blessed with. You can interpret this as praying if you like because I find myself always thanking the higher ups for something.

Is it weird that I also like to straighten the couch cushions before I go to bed?.........

Is there any advice you can give to help get people on the right track to a fab 2018?

Yes indeed. My first bit of advice is to ask yourself ‘What’s your excuse?’. What’s your excuse to not fulfilling your goals, taking charge of your health and finding your true amazing self?

Is it no time? Is it the kids? Is it finances? Is it the fact you still wear your maternity undies despite not being pregnant for 5 years (wait, that’s me…..) Whatever it is honey, I’ve got the same excuse.

From your excuses, I then want you to look in the mirror, give yourself a fabulous ‘you got this smile’ and write down the one big goal you want to achieve. Just one. It may be to walk once a week? To read a self-development book? I just want you to start by kicking one goal off. Hey if you want an accountability partner I’m all yours, let me know your goal and I’ll keep you on the straight and narrow. My email is What have you got to lose? Really? Those maternity undies?

When we sat Carla down, this babe got straight to the point (Cara on the other hand we know loves a yarn). We only had to ask her one question and she had all her answers at the ready.

Carla how do you get yourself vibing for a new year? What does your day look like?

I am a ritual person. Over the years, these daily rituals have become a non-negotiable for me simply because they’re my building blocks to being the healthiest, happiest, juiciest version of myself.

I know as well as anybody that establishing good habits takes time, because I’ve done it myself. But the pay-back is so incredibly worth it, believe me!

Just start by choosing one or two from the list below. Practice including them in your daily routine and gradually add on from there. Just one small change can be all it takes to start feeling huge improvements, so please give it a go.

My Daily Rituals

1.       Nutrition loading – this is my daily wholefood supplement, which I take first thing (not all supplements are created equal, so feel free to get in touch if you’d like more details on the ones I use)

2.       Stretch – dedicate 10-20 minutes

3.       Oil Pulling – I do this while stretching

4.       Priming – gratitude, goals and love

5.       Coffee – not just your average cuppa, though! (My Fully Charged Coffee is one of many easy and healthy recipes is in my book, The Juicy Movement: A Holistic Approach to Clean Living. I’ve included the recipe for you here. If you’d like more – grab your copy of my book with the special discount code below!)

6.       Personal Development – inspiration for the day

7.       Nourish – a balanced brekkie

8.       Exercise – yoga, pilates, run, stroll… doesn’t matter, just move

9.       Hydrate – I never go anywhere without a big bottle of water

10.   Me Time – quiet, no-tech time, just for me

11.   Connect – with those I love

Carla goes into the how and why of these rituals and her complete holistic practice in detail in her debut book, The Juicy Movement: A Holistic Approach to Clean Living. There are also a whole heap of healthy, super easy recipe ideas to help bolster your inspiration for a naturally energised 2018. So, if you’d like to learn more, hop over to Carla’s website to grab your copy at the discounted rate of $30 including postage + packing. Just use the code JUICYPURE at checkout. Offer valid until midnight 14th January .

You can also follow Carla on Instagram @carlathomas_juicymovement and Facebook for more inspiration and ideas. Or, if you have any specific questions, email Carla at .


Fully Charged Coffee by Carla Thomas

Serves 1


1 espresso shot (or 1 serve ground coffee)

2-3 cardamom pods

1 tbsp coconut oil

1 small tsp organic butter

½ tsp vanilla extract

granulated or liquid stevia, to taste

sprinkle of ground cinnamon


Place your coffee shot in a glass or cup, then top up to almost full with boiling water. Transfer to a blender and add all remaining ingredients, except the cinnamon.

Blend for about 20-30 seconds until well combined. Place a small strainer (I use a cone-shaped wine strainer) over the glass or cup you were using and pour the coffee into it. Use a teaspoon to help push all the liquid through the strainer as this also helps create a frothy effect at the top of the glass. Sprinkle with ground cinnamon and enjoy!

If, like me, you like your coffee nice and hot, just reheat for 10 seconds or so before drinking. It cools down quite a lot while blending

Whatever you find inspires or motivates you for 2018, we’re sure you can draw some pointers from these two fab ladies. Get thinking of your 2018 big goal.

Make sure you email Cara with your one goal or get following her @the.holistic.pharmacist or

So what are you waiting for? Kick start that fabulous you and create your own destiny in 2018.