Photography by Nicole England 

Photography by Nicole England 

Depending on where you live you may or may not experience the hard water we have in Australia. I’m in Western Australia and I know after living up north for my early years that the further you progress up north the worse it gets.

Not everything can get rid of it, and many of us just resort to leaving it because we can’t be stuffed with the weekly cleaning battle....until now an effective natural solution was hard to find. 

So when I set out to create a product that could fix this naturally and be low tox I knew I was up for a mission. To be honest my favourite product is my lime descaler (and I can see my regular lime descaler fanatics yelling at the screen saying ‘We Love it too! Bring out a larger bottle! Soon my dears, watch this space)

What is a lime descaler you ask?

You aren’t the first, so many people wonder what this tiny bottle of goodness is.

Lime Scale or calcium is the white build up that occurs on your shower screens, around your taps, in your kettle and coffee machine. It’s that pesky stuff that bleach can’t touch, that Bam will touch but will also touch you in a harmful way in the process. Even our good ol’ Healthy Family Detol range (you know the ads they’ve been playing, the ones with the greenwashing healthy green lid and gorgeous healthy looking family? Yeah those ones……..did they fool you into thinking it was healthy for you?) doesn’t do a bad job but also leaves a trail of toxic destruction.

I formulated this lime descaler with a high percentage of citric acid. This is the active ingredient, also found in citrus fruits and used in baking, that you will see working before your eyes when you put this badgirl on it. It will appear as those it is bubbling away, creating a whitish liquigel as it dissolves the calcium.

The lime descaler is formulated as a liquid. See, citric acid can be irritating on the lungs therefore I advise to not use this in a spray form, especially if you are an asthmatic or suffer terribly with allergies or upper respiratory tract irritation. However if aren;t or happy to try it in a spray, you can dilute about 50ml in 500ml of water and use it as a daily shower spray to prevent the buildup during the week. It also allows this baby to go further for you.  

The beauty of this product is that, if you are anything like me and can be a little lazy when it comes to cleaning, you can leave it on. Yep…….all day……like a cleaning rebel. No toxic fumes, no concerns my kids are going to lick the shower screen or touch something poisonous. They’ll get a good dose of citric goodness if they do. Better still give your kids the task of cleaning it, it’s a great little science experiment.

I actually leave it all day and then wash it off when I have my shower, then squidgy the shower down.

It really is a simple product to use, no harsh scrubbing (maybe a little non scratch scourer in those tough spots) just simple apply, leave and rinse.

But don't believe me? Here's what the fanatics say:

The Lime Descaler is the most amazing product, it has made my bathroom look brand new. It’s made cleaning a breeze and I will not be looking back. Your products are incredible. Kudos to you for being so fabulous
— Samantha Luke
A+ goes to the lime descaler…that stuff is magic! First thing ever to get the lime scale off my water dispenser on the fridge. Amazing. The Ajax spray is gone in our house now, the multipurpose spray wins there too.
— Kerrie Allen
The lime descaler is a god send in my bathroom, you only need a small amount of the body wash for some great bubbles in the bath, the hand wash leaves your hands silky soft and doesn’t cause eczema on my fingers around my rings like others, the room spray is heavenly. I could on and on. Seriously, what’s not to love about these products!”
— Elizabeth Parker
I dolloped on your lime descaler and let it with for 15 minutes and it came up almost clear! Two more coats and my sinks are looking brand new. I found it also removed all the gunk built up on my glass shower door. It’s looking pretty schmick now. So thank you for donating that hamper to the blind folded yoga class, its been incredible
— Kyle Jamieson

These are just a few of the kind words our community say about the range.

Interested in trying the Lime Descaler out and be part of our community of healthy home lovers? 

Happy Healthy Cleaning