Nobody likes struggling with digestive issues especially in the lead-up to summer and the busy part of the year. Treat your gut the natural way with the right foods and you’ll be feeling better in no-time. Below are just a few ways to naturally boost your gut health with products which are already found in your pantry, plus a few extra tips which will also help.

Stress less

Morning meditation is a great way to get into the habit of putting your stressful thoughts aside and focus on your breathing. Even 10-15 minutes each morning is enough to put you in a positive mindset for the rest of the day.

Sleep more

Who else feels anxious before going to sleep each night, but can’t actually switch off until the early hours of the morning? Give yourself a digital detox at least an hour before going to bed; this means putting your mobile phone on aeroplane mode, switching off the television, and putting the laptop on sleep mode.

Exercise more

There is a reason why your body feels good after a workout, even if it’s a short walk or jog in the park. Make time for exercise in your daily life since it’s a good way to lower your stress levels and will also help you sleep better at night.

Choose the right foods

If you’ve been suffering with gut issues for quite some time, it might be useful to restructure your entire food plan for the week. This means cutting out foods which can cause additional distress to your body, and adding natural foods which can actually help to repair your gut.

Eat more:

  • Consume fresh and organic leafy greens which are essential for good gut health. If you don’t like the taste of certain vegetables pop them into a blender and add some sweet fruit to mask the taste!
  • Enjoy a daily probiotic such as yoghurt or a probiotic supplement which is a fantastic source of good bacteria. Nourish this good bacteria by eating good prebiotic foods such as fermented foods, fibre rich foods, green leafy vegetables, garlic and onions. 
  • Incorporate anti-inflammatory foods, herbs and spices such as nuts, legumes, turmeric, fish and whole fresh fruit to keep your gut feeling its best
  • Intermittent fasting has also been recommended for individuals suffering from poor gut health since it helps to give a break to the gut and the entire digestive system in small intervals
  • Eating a gluten-free diet may also promote healthy gut functions


  • Contaminants such as refined sugar and alcohol which could only leave your gut feeling worse
  • Avoid pro-inflammatory foods which can cause terrible gut symptoms especially when consumed on a daily basis or multiple times each week. This includes junk food, red meat, soft drinks and refined sugar
  • Keep processed and fried foods to a minimum since they will only contribute to an unhealthy gut and many more issues in the future