Ever wondered why an unhealthy gut can also have your immune system feeling down at the same time? Not only does the gut wall house up to 70% of the cells which make up our immune system, but it shows that many autoimmune diseases are may be linked to an unhealthy gut.

To keep your body functioning at its best, a healthy gut lies at the centre of the solution. Keep reading to find out more about how important good gut health actually is, and how to take care of your gut to avoid other disorders in the future.

Did you know that the gut nervous system actually works just like a second brain? The gut is the only organ which has its own nervous system, this means that stress is also inevitably linked to the gut! Ever eaten something and thought it might cause you to have a stomach ache? Then just a few moments later you have one.. Sometimes it is just our brain playing tricks on us via the gut nervous system.

How can I keep good gut health?

To keep your gut feeling its best, avoid eating foods which are low in nutrients such as junk food or fast food. This makes the wrong type of bacteria grow in the gut, and could cause many long term problems to your health. The same goes for eating a diet with too much refined sugar, alcohol, and also overusing medication which can actually halt normal digestive function.

Instead, try some of the following gut-friendly foods which can help to balance out your digestive system:

  • Foods which are high in probiotics are necessary for optimum gut health. This is includes but is not limited to almonds, bananas, garlic, legumes, mushrooms, oats and so much more. These natural food sources are also extremely high in fiber and therefore a great solution for a healthy gut
  • Probiotic power foods contain good bacteria which help to break down sugars into acids and make them easier for the body to digest. Some of the most popular foods include yoghurt, green beans, apple cider vinegar, carrots and so much more

There are also a few different lifestyle changes to embrace if you want to enhance your gut and immune system, one of them being worrying less and sleeping more. You need enough time to allow your body to rest and repair itself before starting again fresh for another day. At least seven hours each night should be enough for your body to operate at its best.