Embarassing Mum Moments!

So today's little blog is a stray from the usual. How about a little embarrassing mum moment? I seem to be having them all the time at the moment, it could be the Winter Solstice (or maybe I am just making up excuses). As much as they are embarrassing it is so refreshing to see another mum looking at you with empathy giving you that sisterhood nod that reads 'I feel for you hun!'

So this particular 'please hide me' moment was in the public toilets at a shopping centre.

I hate toilet visits with the kids, you just never know what they will say when you are in the cubicle. Like the other day my youngest son very loudly (we are currently working on our 'inside voice') asked:

“What’s that smell, I think the lady next door is doing a number two”. 

To which I reply (with the look on my face that reads ‘don’t you dare say another thing!!!) ….. ‘G, well we are in the right place to do those things aren’t we?’

Only to have him reply…… ‘Gee mum you should have brought your room spray, I think she needs to use it’

‘Ok! Now that’s enough G!’

Enjoy the week everyone!
Love C xx