Anyone who knows me knows I hate cleaning!

I like order and neatness but I can’t think of anything worse than mopping the floor or cleaning the bathrooms. And like most mother’s, life is jammed packed so cleaning tends to be a spare of the moment activity.

Since having my kids, starting my business and running a cleaning business I have learnt a couple of tricks to help save myself time and make sure I get ‘stuff’ done with efficiency. 

So below are my simple quick cleaning tips to help save you some time and money. 

Tip #1: Use a Checklist

This is important but doesn’t have to be complex. Keep is simple!

Break it up into rooms and then tasks. I have my general morning checklist that is now embedded in my head and my once a week activities. 

I find it physically impossible to fit all my cleaning in one day like I did prior to kids. Now it’s broken up into productive snippets throughout the week. Such as Tuesday is bathroom day, Thursday linen change day, Friday is washing day, Saturday is Vacuum and Mop day and so forth. 

Tip #2: Have less stuff

Declutter! Declutter! Declutter! This is the secret to my home.
Less stuff out gives the idea that everything is clean. It’s all smoke and mirrors baby!

Tip #3: Simplify your supplies

Anyone who uses my products knows they can be used for a multiple of tasks in the home.

Being a lazy cleaner I want something that I can just use everywhere. This means less products , which saves you money, and less chemicals which reduces your impact on the environment and your home. It’s a total win win. If you want to find out more about how versatile the range is, view the products in our shop. 

Tip 4: Create the Ultimate Caddy

Once you’ve simplified your products then create that perfect caddy.

In my caddy I have the following items:
1. Disinfectant Spray for bathrooms, toilets and laundrys, change tables and dirty surfaces
2. Multipurpose Spray for my bench tops, general dusting, glass and mirrors
3. Lime Descaler for calcium build up, soap scum and toilet bowls
4. DIY Floor Cleaner blend for mopping the floor
5. DIY Carpet Cleaner Blend for freshening and vacuuming the carpet
6. 7 x microfibre clothes
(2 for each bathroom- 1 to wipe dirt and then 1 to wipe clean and buff, 1 for the kitchen, 1 for general dusting, 1 for my shiney surfaces  such as mirrors and glass surfaces. I distinguish them by ironing on coloured tabs. Red for bathroom, orange for kitchen and blue for dusting)
8. Toothbrush for hard to get to places
9. Scourer for those tough spots
10. Vinegar for mouldy spots

Tip #5:  Use a timer

Ever heard of the game beat the clock? I play this game with my cleaning. How sad I know!

I always set myself a limit to the time spent on a cleaning task (who really wants to spend more time than they need to right?), it takes out daydreaming and gets the task done. 
Prior to starting a business, I used to find I’d get nothing done because I had all day to complete a task. I’d start something, make a tea, sit and watch Ellen, play with the kids, and then wonder where my day went.

Tip #6: Use Microfibres

Time and money savers! Microfibres make dusting a breeze and because you can chuck them in the wash and reuse them you also save yourselves a bucket load of money. Mine last for about 6 months and then I ditch. I also keep my kids old t-shirts and cut them up into little rags for those really dirty tasks. 

Tip #7: Keep a squeegee in the shower.

Ok not just anyone. Try find a nice looking, discreet one. We want to keep our bathroom looking glam not like a sham with cleaning utensils. I was surprised at how many homes I cleaned that kept their cleaning products near the area they cleaned. Toilet cleaner tucked behind the toilet, shower spray in the shower. As much as it is a move for efficiency and convenience, I could never leave these items around out of fear my kids would have a lovely swig of them. Unless you have some gorgeous looking products like Pure Home Body ;p , these are an eye sore. 

So finding a stylish squeegee is a must or keep it in your bathroom drawer. After showers quickly squeegee down your walls and glass. This prevents build up of scale, reduces mould and therefore makes it easier to clean.

Tip #8: Start form one side of the house

Then work slowly to the other side closing doors as you finish each room. This serves as a reminder to you when you have to go back in there that is is clean. Its also a nice surprise and reinforces the amazing job you’ve done.  

Lastly the easiest solution to them all is, cleans as you go. I am terrible for this. My husband refers to me as Hurricane Katrina. You can tell I've been in the room because my clothes are on the bed, a towel is just thrown over the rail. I am terrible so this is something I consciously have to do but does make a huge difference at the end of the day.

If you have any amazing cleaning time savers, please share your wisdom below in the comments. I'm eager to know!