While we all know that a clean and organised space is the first step to a more productive lifestyle, why does disorder still prevail both in the home and workplace? From ‘organised piles’ to desks and drawers overflowing with clutter, we show you just a few ways to keep any working space clean and tidy which is beneficial to your work and of course, your health.

‘A place for everything, and everything has its place’

This couldn’t be more true when it comes to decluttering your surroundings and increasing productivity. If you’re a messy person by nature, make sure your storage has been simplified to easily get rid of clutter. Labels, folders and boxes are just some of the best ways to get everything in order without leading to more clutter down the line.

Steer clear of drawers which could only enable more clutter down the line; plus, they make it almost impossible to find anything! Also, don’t be afraid to throw things out which don’t serve their purpose anymore.

Abolish the distractions

Clutter often leads to distraction and this isn’t what we want in a workplace environment. Simplify your workspace and have only the essentials on your desk at all times. While it might be fun to add some new things to your workspace, ask yourself if these may distract you from the tasks at hand. If in doubt, keep it minimal and only add things which add to your work.

Regularly remove excess junk

Make it a weekly habit to go through your space at the end of the working week, and give it a spring clean before Monday rolls around. This eliminates excess papers from floating around, makes it so much easier to keep organised for the following week, and helps you to determine what you actually do and don’t need in your workspace.

Declutter your virtual desktop

Does anyone else feel better about deleting things off their desktop? At the end of each week, take just a few minutes out of your day to clear your virtual desktop of files and folders you no longer require. Not only does this help you think more clearly, but you won’t waste time browsing through file after file to find what you actually need. The same theory applies to your email; unsubscribe to junk or mailing lists which are bombarding your mailbox.

Create a structured environment

If you’re prone to creating instant clutter, try and create boundaries in your workspace. For example, the left side of the desk is for pens, markers, and blank paper, the right side could be dedicated to existing files which are to be put away and stored at the end of the week. Once you know your workspace has these boundaries, it’ll be easier to keep it clean and clutter-free.