Stylish educational products? Have you heard of Neath and Maiden

Sight words, phonics, times tables, simple addition, who else struggles to do these educational activities with their kids?

Lyndsay, uber smart teacher, counter terrorism PhD pursuer and founder of stylish educational and homewares business and brand Neath and Maiden (previously Enriched Educational Assistance) is one hell of a girl boss. Read more about this fab woman and how she is making a difference for our kids through her stylish educational assistance products.

Who is the girl boss behind the brand?

I’m Lyndsay. I’m currently located in Port Hedland, North West WA and have been here for just over two years. We moved here from NSW, primarily for my husband’s role as an engineer with BHP. We have an Australian Kelpie named Fido who is very much a part of our family and both my husband and I are former semi-professional footballers. I currently play in the men’s competition here, as a women’s competition doesn’t exist. After moving here, I commenced a PhD in counter-terrorism that will keep me busy for another 2-3 years. We will remain in Hedland until my PhD is complete before relocating someplace where I can pursue my passion of changing the world through countering terrorism.

How and why did you start your business?

Previously, I was working at the University of Wollongong as a history teacher and Programme Coordinator in the Schools Outreach department. Upon moving to Hedland. I decided I would study a PhD as there was little work here that interested me, especially after leaving two roles I was quite content with. I then established a tutoring business here in Hedland called Enriched Educational Assistance, which has further developed into an online retail store operating under the name Neath and Maiden. It very much happened by accident but now I have grown to 40+ students that visit me weekly in my home classroom and I have a wait list that grows weekly. My husband even has a couple of students so my load is reduced just a little!

Where can we purchase your products?

I operate solely online at and at local markets.

This year I would love to expand and see my products stocked in other stores, especially because the Port Hedland market is quite small.

Why did you choose to stock Pure Home Body?

Last year I developed the most horrendous face rash out of nowhere. I self diagnosed it as Perioral Dermatitis and so I went on a rampage of changing personal products so I could pinpoint the cause and a cure. My skin has recovered well but having a widespread face rash really broadens your education regarding all those hidden ingredients that appear safe, but probably aren’t. I very much share Cara’s passion of living in a chemical free home; I don’t have children of my own yet but when you have 40+ kids entering your house every week you really want to ensure the place is clean, in a safe way.

What is your vision for your business?

I really get a kick out of the tutoring side of my business; I love seeing that light come on inside a child and you can almost see the weight drop from their shoulders when they finally understand something they have been trying to grasp for awhile. I don’t care how long it takes me to teach something to a child, I will work in every which way until they finally get it! I would like to expand to some form of online tutoring, especially because we have a lot of rural students up here that complete their schooling via School of the Air but having them reach me is out of the question. I also plan on expanding Neath and Maiden to a wide range of educational and workspace décor as well as having our educational resources available in other stores.

What do you find is the biggest challenge your clients are faced with, the reason why they would come to you for business over anyone else, what sets you apart?

Parents can often find it difficult and confusing to know exactly how to help their child with their learning. Schools can be helpful, but on many occasions they don’t have the time or resources to help every child with their individual needs; schooling is very much group learning. I have years of classroom experience in both primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions and I’m only ten years out of school myself, so I remember how overwhelming it can be to sit in a classroom and feel like you’re the only one not getting it. These are the kids I want to help. In terms of Neath and Maiden, I create resources that target key learning needs: phonics, times tables etc… but I can also offer advice and design custom resources by working with you. Consultations are free of charge, my only fees are the costs of the resources. I’m too passionate about helping kids (and adults) to charge a fee for it.

Your favourite advice/quote/health/wellness tip (this can be anything, it can be quirky, fun, sensible)

“Forget the past. Look to the future.”

I have this tattooed on my back hip in Vietnamese.


Favourite WA Coffee
Not too many options in Port Hedland but we have a new place called Pretty Pool Provedore and it is a Perth-like café – just what we needed!

Favourite WA Place to hang out
When I visit Perth to go to the uni, you can often find me sitting alone with a book and a wine at Lalla Rookh.

Favourite WA Instagram Account
I’m a big fan of Hippo and the Pear…and Pure Home Body, of course!