Hand Washing

Last week’s ban that occurred in the US on the use of particular ingredients within antibacterial soaps has me so excited!!!

It’s a huge win!!! 

If you have read my ‘Chemicals: Top 5 to Remove From Your Home’ Blog you will know that the two main ingredients of the 19 chemicals the US Food and Drug Administration has banned is on my Top 5 Chemicals list. Triclosan (and Triclocarban) are antibacterials regularly found in a number of dishwashing liquids, soaps, body products and even toothpaste and mouth washes. 

And the short and curlys for the ban? 

It has been found that antibacterials (or the use of antibiotics in washes, yes let’s not get that confused antibacterials are antibiotics) in products are ineffective and are causing more harm to us than good and increasing antibiotic resistance. 

As a society we are scared of germs. And I’ll be honest I can sometimes be weary too, but the more I learn about them the better I understand their importance to not only our immune system but our gut microbiome and health in general. 

What we need to realise is that 95% of bacteria live harmoniously with us and only 5% can potentially cause us problems. Being too clean and using antibiotics within our products (antibacterial soaps and washes) is contributing largely to the current antibiotic resistance we hear so often about, yes the ‘superbugs’, the ‘germs’ we are in fact afraid of. 

So why are we contributing to the exact thing we are scared of?

Well marketing has a huge play in this and how they make us feel ‘safe’ using these products. Especially when they advertise using the word’s ‘Healthy Family’ as part of their marketing campaign. You may know which brand I am referring to.   

If you have attended one of my talks lately around Perth you will understand my passion for getting rid of antibacterials washes, soaps, products all together. I have a good yarn on how being too clean affects our bodies and how we need to educate and ultimately empower ourselves to make better decisions about what we use in our home and around our families. 

So let's work together to make our homes a safer and healthier sanctuary for our families.